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and lose
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Parrots are a very beautiful part of God's creation. Having been so close to them and having the experience of breeding them gave us great pleasure.

This website will be closed for good on February 17th 2019 so bye to everyone.

Our many years experience involved in the parrot trade prior to our retirement, along with our breeding success, prompted us to develop this site. We have written a number of parrot articles based on experience, these will be helpful to people thinking of buying a parrot, perhaps for the first time.

About us. We spent many years breeding a large variety of parrots and parakeets. Our speciality was African Grey parrots. We incubated their eggs and hand-reared the chicks to the point of sale. The birds were sold through our successful retail business which has now been sold. The new owner's are continuing to breed and trade.

Some of our valuable knowledge and experience is available in our five eBooks.
"Be a Successful African Grey Breeder" eBook
"Choosing Your First Pet Parrot" eBook
"Prevent a Needless Parrot Death" eBook
"Taming, Training & Talking" eBook
"Healthy Owner Healthy Parrot" eBook
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Visit our eGreetings section for quick and easy customisable eGreetings, add music, over 420 interesting quality photos to choose from. Categories: Butterflies, Cars, Cats, Christian, Cool Cards, Dogs, Easter, Flowers, Friendship, Horses, Hot Cards, Inspirational, Macaws, Mother's Day, Parrots, Sailing, Scenery & Sunsets, Trains, Vintage Cars and Wild Animals.
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The idea behind the Photos-Effects Album is to have parrot photographs with the specie's names, along with colour effects and interactive special effects.


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