Psittacula eupatria (Linné)

Description: Generally green; males only often have black line from cere to eye with broad band of pink on the nape; abdomen yellowish-green; middle tail-feathers blue-green; outer tail-feathers green; underside of tail yellow; bill red with yellow tip; feet grey.

Length: 23 inches (58 cm).

Wing length 7.5 to 8.5 inches
(194 to 224 mm).

Aviculture: This parakeet can be noisy and needs a large aviary as they are active birds. They are very hard chewers therefore metal construction would be advisable. Minimum flight area 15x3x6 feet.

Breeding: Best achieved by isolating pairs, breeding can begin as early as February; therefore nest box is better situated inside a shelter. Breeding is often achieved in aviculture. The male bird exhibits courtship display.

Diet: Good parakeet mix including plenty of fresh vegetables, include egg food and biscuits during rearing.

As a Pet: This beautiful large parakeet will make a good pet provided it has been hand-reared. Generally they will talk. You must insure that the cage is large enough for the bird to stretch its wings and not damage its tail when turning around. They need to be taken out of the cage daily for fuss and exercise. As with all pet parakeets it's important to buy one as young as possible preferably a week or two after weaning. Make sure that the breeder/pet shop is reputable.

Remember these birds have a loud shout, if your neighbours are easily upset choose a quieter bird.

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