Double Yellow-Headed Amazon

(Amazona ochrocephala oratrix)

Of all Amazon species the Double Yellow-Headed is revered for its talking ability and great beauty! This is the only parrot (I feel) that can begin to compete with the master of mimic the African Grey Parrot. The Amazon will always be the bigger show off, African Greys are more private when new people are around - whilst Amazon are inclined to show off to an audience.

Amazons are some of the most beautiful members of the parrot kingdom and the Double Yellow Headed is probably one of the most outstanding. Some Double-Yellow Heads develop more extensive yellow and some red colouring as they reach adulthood which make them extremely beautiful!

Generally they are gregarious, often very headstrong, with very lively personalities. Talking Amazons love an audience and many become very talented talkers and singers! They love noise and the will compete with any noise such as the vacuum and radio and will join in with the TV programmes if allowed!

When choosing a cage for your Amazons or any large parrot make sure it is big enough for the bird to fully extend it's wings without touching the sides. A cage with a playpen roof is highly recommended for these birds as they love to sit up top and look around. Amazons enjoy chewing wood and should have wooden toys or prepared wood for chewing (only give toys that are designed for parrots). They also love green branches with leaves, but always wash them and check the suitability for your parrot. Remember you most do the thinking for you parrot it will not know if the wood is poisonous to it.

Amazon Parrots require a fresh natural diet with lots of root vegetables such as carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes. A good quality parrot seed-mix and some fruit should be included such as apples, oranges, grapes etc. They love to have toys to play with, a tepid spray will always be enjoyed by most amazons.

Handle the parrot yourself before you buy, never assume that you can when you get it home. We have found when choosing to buy it isn't always the customer that chooses - sometimes the parrot chooses. Parrots can take an instant liking to a person this makes them irresistible and they are often then the one to buy. In any case be sure you are buying the parrot that is "right" for you and you'll have a devoted loving pet for many long years. The Double Yellowed-Headed Amazon is an excellent example of the Amazon family and is sure to be a friend for life.

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