ECLECTUS PARROT Eclectus roratus

This unusual couple were thought to belong to two different species when they were first discovered in the wild. Not so surprising when you look at their appearance.

The males plumage is generally green, with only a little red on the sides of the body and under the wings and tail. The bill is large, with the upper mandible ivory to orange in colour and the lower mandible black. The legs are grey and eyes orange.

The female is mostly red, with wine-red on the back and wings. A broad purple band stretches across the breast and the shoulders, the edges of the wings are also lined in purple. The bill is black and the eyes yellow-white.

These wonderful looking parrots are increasingly being bred in the UK and the hand-reared young can make very devoted pets. In the wild the female is more aggressive. Therefore the male is considered the softer in character of the sexes and the more suitable pet. It appears that often there are more male birds in the clutch than females, so more males are sold as pets. Generally the female eclectus parrot will be more expensive than the male to buy. They, like all larger parrots have the mimicking ability, this can vary considerably from parrot to parrot.

They are stunning to look at with their plumage looking more akin to fur than feathers. They have become more and more popular as pet parrots. As with the purchase of any of the larger parrots always make sure that you are able to handle and hold the parrot prior to purchase. Although these parrots make excellent devoted pets they do not like to be petted so much as some of the other parrot species. They will happily sit on the hand but they prefer long stroking movements and not the tickles that African Grey and Amazon parrots seem to enjoy.

Eclectus parrots enjoy toys and playtimes with their owners just like all large parrots. As with all parrot species it is important for them to know who is the boss. This is especially true for the more dominant female eclectus parrot but with time they can be just as tame as the males. Remember not to spoil them as they soon take advantage and then become the boss!

If you are considering an eclectus parrot as a pet it is more difficult to know the age of these parrots. It is always a good idea to get a young bird (with hatch certificate if possible) from a professional breeder or reputable and knowledgeable Pet shop.

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