This beautiful small white cockatoo has distinctive pink feathers on the forehead around the beak and a little yellow on the under side of the tail feathers. It's eyes have broad naked and white periophthalmic rings. The eyes of the male are dark brown (reddish-brown in female), the beak is light grey and the legs are grey.

The Goffin was once thought to be unsuitable as a pet, but this species is one of the most intelligent and interesting of the cockatoos and hand-reared babies make excellent pets. This gentle little cockatoo has a lot to offer as a pet, but like all cocktoos demands a lot of attention. Do not consider a cockatoo as a pet parrot unless you can give it the time it needs. Cockatoos often demand time out of their cages three or four times a day. They demand attention they love to be petted and enjoy human company. Cockatoos that do not get the attention they need can become noisy and this can be a problem for their owners.

Hand-reared cockatoos can often think they are human, so much so that, some of the larger species can even be afraid of other birds even small birds! Generally speaking cockatoos do not make the best mimickers in the parrot kingdom but usually manage a few words or phrases clearly. They can also produce a lot of 'parrot talk' which they think is human!!

Cockatoos need a good diet like all parrots, they can become fussy eaters but always include a good supply of vegetables and fruit in their diet. Baby hand-reared cockatoos should be weaned onto a balanced diet of good quality parrot-seed mixture, supplemented with a variety of fresh vegetables. Cockatoos can eat corn on the cob, carrots, celery, green beans and peas in their shells. Diced fruit such as apples, oranges and grapes are also good additions to their diet.

This small cockatoo will make an excellent pet. It has great appeal and can be a clown too, but remember they need a lot of attention.

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