Anodorhynchus hyacinthimus

(The Largest Parrot in the World)

The Hyacinth Macaw and the Green Wing Macaw are both often referred to as the 'gentle giant' of the macaw species. The Hyacinth is a truly wonderful bird for all bird lovers, it is so laid back and easy going. They make very devoted pets. The Hyacinth is the most majestic of all parrots, big and graceful with a clown-like face. These macaws can grow to the total length of up to 42 inches. They are tremendously strong, their beak pressure can easily dismantle a welded iron cage in a very short time. It can take up to 5 years for a Hyacinth to reach its full potential size, and up to ten years to reach full maturity. These birds are very rewarding and should be considered.


Hyacinth Macaws don't realise their own strength. The baby Hyacinth must be taught, at a very early age, not to put pressure on human fingers. They could easily hurt someone badly without intending to . Careful consideration should be given when obtaining a cage for a Hyacinth, as it will need to be strong enough to contain him. A cage that is held together with welds may not last for a year before the welds are broken. Stainless steel cages that are now available are ideal, but they are expensive.

It is wise to get a young hand-reared bird that has just been weaned. Make a point to handle the bird a few times before you decide to buy it as baby hyacinths are more sensitive than other macaws. Hyacinths that have been hand-reared and trained properly will make an affectionate and responsive pet. Do not consider buying a bird before it is fully weaned, this is normally around 20 plus weeks. It is possible that they will never wean at this critical stage if they are not weaned by an expert.

Be sure that the breeder or Pet Shop you have decided to purchase from is reputable and knowledgeable.

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