Maroon Bellied Conures

The Maroon Bellied Conure is also called the red bellied conure, the green cheeked is also very similar. There is little difference between these close relatives who are sometimes mixed up. The green cheeked tend to have a little more red in their tails, the older green cheeked will also develop beige patches around the ear. The other main difference in appearance is that the scaly markings on the chest will usually extend much lower on the chest of the maroon bellied. All Conures have the distinctive bold patch around their eyes which remind us that they are related to the Macaw family.

These Conures have become popular as pets, . They like all conures have a lot of character, their distinctive markings and small bodies make them a suitable parrot for beginners, they like to fly but also love to be petted. Make sure you allow your pet the opportunity of flying, then it will be happy to sit on your finger and be petted. These little characters will enjoy tickles and being fed on the hand, watch out for their beaks as they can nip too!

Although Conures are not renowned as 'talkers' they can usually manage their name, 'Hello', and mimicking the telephone. Sometimes individuals will learn a limited repertoire, others have been reported chattering away. Another factor to consider when thinking of buying a Conure as a pet is that conures can be noisy. Most Conures are spring breeders, and often become more noisy at this time. Some birds can change from their normal comparatively docile demeanour and become very explosive, enthusiastic, aggressive and be so full of energy that their owners wonder what has happened to their parrot. Most pet conures pass this stage quickly, especially if you remain the boss and don't let your parrot take control.

Before going to a local breeder or Pet Shop to buy a parrot it is a good idea to read as many books, magazines and articles as possible. You can learn about the temperaments of each species. These short articles are designed to give you a brief idea about the different species, what they look like and some information. The best pet parrots are always friendly and cuddly and will usually be a youngster that has been hand-reared.

If you are thinking of buying a conure as a pet be sure to handle the bird yourself and see if the bird likes you. If you have done your research and you are happy with the bird then you'll be ready to buy. If in doubt read and look around some more. Maroon- Bellied Conures or green cheeked Conures are suitable parrots for beginners with character and colour.

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