MEYER`S PARROT, Poicephalus meyeri

The meyer parrot is one of the smaller parrots very similar in size and character to the more well known senegal parrot. The meyer's head, breast, and upper parts are brown grey, while the under parts and rump are blue-green. There is yellow under the wing and the thighs are yellow. There is a yellow patch on the shoulder and a variable band on the crown. The bill is dark grey, the eye orange red, the legs grey. Each bird has individual markings making them recognisable.

A young hand-reared Meyers parrot is full of character, charming, tame, playful, inquisitive and entertaining! What more can you ask from a small pet parrot.
A Meyers Parrot would be an excellent choice as a family's first parrot as they make wonderful pets. They may be small but they make good companions especially where space is restricted.

Meyers are generally not noted for their mimicking ability but can manage to achieve some vocal talents like mimicking the telephone, wolf whistling and so on. All parrot species have their own personalities and all individual parrots have their own character Meyers are no exception. Even small parrots like Meyers like to get their own way, so don't be fooled by their size you'll still have to be boss. All parrots can be as nice as pie when trying to get their own way but never allow the parrot to dictate to you.

Meyers are fairly scarce in the UK so if you find it difficult to find one for a pet you would need to look around - be prepared to travel. Find out if there are any local breeders breeding them, ask around but don't just buy any parrot. Be sure to handle the parrot yourself and find out it's age. Hand-reared baby parrots are always the first choice for a family pet.

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