(Amazona autumnalis autumnalis)

Native to Mexico and Central America the Red Lored Amazon is sometimes called the "Yellow Cheeked Amazon". They are not so readily available in Europe as the "Blue Fronted Amazon" and "Orange-Winged Amazon". More breeders are now breeding and hand-rearing these gentle giants, so more will become available on the Pet Market.

Hand reared babies are gentle and make exceptional pets. Often bonding closely with their owners they soon make their presence felt. Like most Amazons they have good mimicking ability. The colours on their head make the Red-Lored one of the most attractive of all Amazons.

If you choose an amazon as a pet, it is very important that you maintain dominance and control, and, teach him acceptable behaviour. A well-trained Red Lored is very affectionate, loving, and an entertaining pet.

When choosing a cage for your Amazons or any large parrot make sure it is big enough for the bird to fully extend it's wings without touching the sides. A cage with a playpen roof is highly recommended for Amazons. These birds love to sit up top and look around. Amazons enjoy chewing wood and should have wooden toys or prepared wood for chewing (only give toys that are designed for parrots). They also love green branches with leaves, but always wash them and check the suitability for your parrot. Remember you must do the thinking for your parrot, it will not know if the wood is poisonous to it.

Amazon Parrots require a diet with a lot of fresh natural foods. Root vegetables such as carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes are important additions to the diet. In the wild parrots do not eat as much seed as we give them as pets and Amazons especially need the extra vitamins found in fresh vegetables. By all means give them seed but with plenty of fresh or defrosted vegetables, fruit is always good too but it has been found by research that vegetables have more to offer parrots in their diet.

Remember always to handle a parrot yourself before you buy. Be sure you are buying the parrot that is "right" for you and you'll have a devoted loving pet for many long years.

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