Umbrella Cockatoo

Cockatoos are "people" birds, the Umbrella is arguably the friendliest of all Cockatoos. The owner should not give the Umbrella more attention when it is young than they can manage to give it later, as this will give them great problems as the bird matures. It is also very important that the breeder when hand-rearing these birds gets the balance right.

Cockatoos must be taught at an early age that it must entertain themselves sometimes. They may become very demanding and begin screaming, or, even biting, to get attention. This undesirable behaviour can be avoided by teaching simple commands, and making sure the cockatoo learns to respond to the commands given them. As with all parrots it is important for them to know you are the boss. Umbrella Cockatoos are emotional birds needing a lot of attention, so only consider one as a pet if you have the time to give them.

Umbrella Cockatoos are not good "talkers", however they will more than make up for this with their affectionate and friendly personalities. This is a parrot that will normally be friendly with anyone. Umbrellas love to cuddle, and seem to enjoy any attention that they can get. They love walking around the floor and find everything interesting. Often having 'fights' with feet, they love it if you join in! They are just as good with children as adults.

Every bird has it's own character and most birds are curious about new things. However Cockatoos can get very upset if things are changed even having their cages moved - they like a routine, but don't fall into this trap. It's better in the case of cockatoos not to develop a routine of taking them out at the same time every day. As later if you deviate from it the cockatoo will not understand, and may rebel by screaming to get your attention. Most difficulties encountered with older cockatoos are the result of spoiling them when young. The important thing to remember with these birds is don't allow them to dictate to you.

Note if you leave a cockatoo alone at home for long periods, regularly, they will start feather plucking.

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