Yellow-naped Amazon

Amazona o. auropalliata -
Yellow-naped Amazon

Description: Overall plumage green; details: slightly black edge on nape forehead, and crown feathers; can have yellow around eyes; band to nape yellow; bend of wings green; edge of wing yellowish-green; tail green with yellowish green tip; base to outer tail feathers red; whitish ring around eye; bill dark grey.
Length: Approximately 15 inches (38 cm); wing length 8-9 inches (210-235mm).
Origination: Found in Pacific coast from Northwest Costa Rica north to eastern Oaxaca, Southern Mexico.
Temperament: A medium to noisy parrot, these have very loud voices. As pets they are generally very loyal and is the best talker of all the Amazons, they love to sing even opera. They can be noisy early in the morning so keep a pet bird covered over night. These parrots are not shy and enjoying bathing especially during hotter weather, they love you to spray under their wings and will happily hold out their wings for you to do this. Hand reared babies make good pets; but they are strong willed and need firm handling. Don't be afraid to discipline them when needed. An ideal age to buy this parrot would be straight from hand-rearing at around 12-15 weeks.
Natural diet includes: Fruits; seeds; flowers; nuts; buds and berries. Good parrot diet needed in captivity.
in captivity: Pairs should be isolated; breeding usually starts in Spring around April time.
These birds may benefit from over wintering indoors with a minimum temperature of 68°F (20°C) this helps to stimulate their breeding in the spring. Usually these parrots produce clutches of 3-4 eggs occasionally 5; incubation takes approx.: 26 days; fledging at around 60 days from the nest box. Nest boxes should be 12 x 12 x 32 ins (30 x 30 x 80 cm). Hand rearing can take 12-14 weeks.

The Talking Yellow Nape Amazon is one of the most talented talkers of the amazon species.
This very intelligent member of the amazon family will usually start learning to talk as young as 4 months, and their capacity to learn new words and phrases increases as they get older. This is one of the few parrots that can have a beautiful singing voice and is often taught to sing songs from the opera.
The Yellow Nape is also one of the larger of the amazon species. Although the Yellow Nape Amazon can be a wonderful talker, it is not a pet for everyone. The owner of a Yellow Nape must develop and maintain a dominance over this amazon to help curb the tendency to become aggressive and temperamental.
It is not uncommon for the Yellow Nape Amazon to become unpredictable and extremely aggressive at maturity, especially during breeding seasons. They think of their owners as their mates, and their jealousy and possessiveness may even cause them to attack the person that they most care for. During these times of the year, it is usually best to keep most amazon species caged so that they don't seriously hurt someone. As long as potential owners are aware of the tendencies of the Yellow Nape Amazon, properly train them, and take necessary precautions during breeding seasons when the parrot is mature, the Yellow Nape Amazon can be a very good companion bird and a constant source of entertainment

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