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Terms of Trade
It is important that you understand and are happy with our terms of trade. They are summarised and detailed below. You may use the web site only on the basis that the terms below are accepted.
Summary of terms From this site

eBooks are purchased on an "own use" basis directly from the authors "Parrots are Perfect Pets". The Book price you pay belongs to the authors "Parrots are Perfect Pets". The
buyer can review any books prior to purchase. Each of the summary terms above is subject to the detailed terms below.
Detailed Terms

"Parrots are Perfect Pets" sells eBook(s) to the buyer to use the book for any purpose which does not involve resale of or any copying to any other person of the whole or any part of the eBook bought through web site.

Refund policy

Prior to purchase, makes available to the Buyer all of the following:-
A short summary of the book written by "Parrots are Perfect Pets", is available.
A summary of any reviews, as and when available, of the book will be posted to the site.
A categorisation by "Parrots are Perfect Pets"
of the eBook's subjects.
Once an eBook has been delivered to the Buyer, no refund will be given for any reason other than a clear demonstration that the information above was inadequate to inform the Buyer in advance of the purchase as to the nature or style of the eBook bought.

Downloading eBooks
eBooks can be downloaded immediately after purchase. The eBook will not be readable however until a "Fraud busting" code has been sent to the Buyer's e-mail address and the code has been correctly entered to the site. The purpose of this requirement is to comply with the requirements of the credit card provider to help reduce the incidence of fraud over the Internet.
Downloading attachments and images accepts no responsibility for any computer files downloaded from or through its site. Buyers must take care to satisfy themselves that any other files made available to them by "Parrots are Perfect Pets" and which are downloaded from are free of viruses.
Browser not required
eBooks are downloaded in the eBook Pro format and will be viewed on your computer within the eBook Pro viewer which is included in the self extracting zip.

The Agreement is covered by UK law. In the event of dispute, both parties agree that litigation will be heard in the UK, dealt with under UK law.
Agreement to terms

By posting your payment details to us and proceeding with your order, as well as reading in full the "Terms of Trade" as set out above, you the buyer confirms acceptance of the "Terms of Trade".

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