Healthy Owner Healthy Parrot
Overcoming unhealthiness and a weight problem inspired me to write this eBook.
I was well overweight with back problems as well as high blood pressure. I visited a chiropractor who immediately put me on a 3 day diet.
He told me that the diet, when followed exactly, normally resulted in a 10 lb./4.5 kilo weight loss. Other family members joined me on the diet as they were also interested in losing weight. We followed the diet to the letter, sure enough we each lost 10 lb./4.5 kilos in weight over the next 3 days. Feeling the benefits of the lost weight encouraged us to lose even more. We didn't want to continually diet, instead we concentrated on eating healthy foods that were interesting and tasty. This was the answer, it worked! Weight has continued to come off.
The 3 day diet is included free with this eBook.
Healthiness comes when you combine the right body weight with eating health giving foods.
This same combination applies to parrots. Healthy Owner Healthy Parrot guides you towards achieving this very necessary balance. There are 25 healthy tasty recipes which we personally enjoy eating. The recipes can be printed by you for your ease of use. The healthy ingredients within the recipes, 26 in all, are highlighted and linked directly to their own comprehensive details page. Each details page gives a full description of their health giving and healing properties. Many of these properties, have been tested and proven by scientists, to both help prevent ailments/diseases and/or ease their symptoms.
Other topics covered are:- Myths surrounding weight loss. A guide to the healthiest fast foods.
An interactive page showing both the proportion and balance of the various food groups.
The parrot section has an interactive page showing good and bad seed mixes, click on them and find out why. Other topics covered are:- Human junk foods - should they be fed to parrots? Pelleted food versus Seed! The benefits of soaked seed and pulses. The surprising benefits of the millet spray.
Avoid wasting money on expensive diet pills. Eat healthy be healthy!
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