Information about the eBook
Taming, Training & Talking

It is important to understand bird psychology to achieve good results when training, taming and teaching a bird to talk. In this eBook we share our insights and tips, with you the reader, which we have developed over many years of breeding, hand rearing and handling many species of birds.

Taming an unruly bird is not easy- the tips in this eBook will tell you how to, successfully.

Training is all important to get the best out of your bird. You need to be in control, mainly for your parrots safety. If you want to teach your parrot tricks then this eBook will give you the help that you need to achieve this.

Lots of people like to hear their birds talking. How exciting it is when you can train your bird to mimic your voice!

Taking part in any one of the disciplines will be rewarding and will bring about a strong bond between yourself and your parrot. A stronger bond means a happier relationship for you both.

Once your own pet bird has gained these skills we are sure you will go on to enjoy your bird for many many years.

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