Any comical photographs of your pet parrot/s would be
appreciated click contact to easily attach a photo.

Christyn, Riley's mother sent us this picture of two of her best buddies. We are glad she did as we can share them with you all. 'Birda' is a Maroon Bellied Conure - just one of the small conures that are big in character. This is an ideal parrot for anyone. Maroon Bellied Conures can talk and we understand that Birda loves to laugh. She is obviously in a happy home.
It is great to see the bond between Birda and 5 year old
Riley - may they continue being good buddies for a long time. If you would like to know more about Maroon Bellied Conures click here.


mmmmm TASTY

This is Boo my Congo African Grey
He stole my lolipop and wouldnt give it back...

You can't blame him TRACI!!

This photo of Sterling a
beautiful Congo African
Grey was sent in by it's
owner Linda.
Sterling seems to love
clowning around - have you
got any clowning parrot
photos? If so send them in
and we'll add them to the
Visitor's Venue page with
any info you may send us...

Photo & details from De Ette Wood

I have had my Yellow Nape Amazon for over 8 years and would not trade him for another species. Not only has he defied the natural amazon aggressive tendencies, but he loves to go visit strangers. If he has not met you before, we as the owners may suffer from his bite if you don't allow him to visit you. We have had Rocky since he was 8 weeks old, finishing his hand feeding. He was well worth the investment, and the micro-chipping. We can't wait to take him horseback riding this summer. Hope you enjoy your horseback riding.


From John in Monterey, California
A photo of my Blue Front Amazon, "Satchmo", enjoying a spoon full of soup

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