Any comical photographs of your pet parrot/s would be
appreciated click contact to easily attach a photo.

Thank you Ieda
for your kind words...

" Your website is adorable and I would like to see my delicious Cockatiel "sandwich" in "Parrots are perfect pets" "

. . . you can and it's a very tasty photo too

photo and remarks from Ieda Corbucci Scalisse
photo and remarksfrom Ieda Corbucci Scalisse


This is my lovely Cockatiel Biscoitinho (Little cookie in Portuguese) and he is in love of himself! He loves to look at himself !!!! And he has a lovely girlfriend!

pppphoto and remarks from Ieda Corbucci Scalisse



 Sharing your life with a parrot can be a joyful thing, and Frannie shares her life with her pet Yellow naped Amazon Bogie. He is 19 years old and she has had him since he was 2 1/2 months old. Frannie says "parrots make great pets but can be very demanding. They are like having another child. It is as if I have had a 4 year old for 19 years. I love him to pieces. He can whistle "Bogie's tune" from beginning to end and talks up a storm. He is like having a toy that's alive. He's crazy about me."
Frannie Jordan sent us this picture of Bogie and friend Bella the cat, Bella lets bogie
groom her ears. They really like each other

My Cockatoo Angel likes putting on her happy face sometimes :)
Thanx! Mark S Glass

Oliver and his much loved grey cheeked parakeet,
Godzilla, whom he lost to stomach cancer in 1996
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