Any comical photographs of your pet parrot/s would be
appreciated click contact to easily attach a photo.

  The picture is of Feathers the beloved African Grey Parrot owned by Ruby, a reader of our Newsletter in Jordon. Ruby told us about her pet 'Feathers':-
" 'Feathers' is handicapped, he was a present on my sister's birthday. I immediately adopted Feathers and took care of him since. I received him in a sorry state, he was sick with a bad cough and he was always in the corner of the cage, very frightened and weak. I had the doctor take a look at him and examine him and then slowly I started feeding him a pelletted diet and taking care of him and pretty soon he became strong and happy and settled in. Feathers has one foot that was broken at some point before I received him and it never healed properly making it impossible for him to bend his toes and hold on to his perch instead his toes just point straight out. I love Feathers a lot and wish we had experts in wild birds in Jordan to help me out with more tips and provide me with better care for my parrot but I do try and read up on everything I can and I also enjoy your newsletter with its insight into the Parrot World and the heartwarming stories of people and their parrot pets."



"Here is a photo of my sweetest tempered bird, Woodstock.
I think the photo says it all!"

Supplied by Oliver Dean the proud owner
of this beautiful hen lutino cockateil




This picture is of Otis
a lovely four year old Nanday Conure:-

"Otis, somewhat spoiled but very content.
with his favourite toy
since he was a baby, his Christmas tree"



"Look how romantic is this kiss!!"

this very romantic photo and title
was supplied by
Ieda Corbucci Scalisse


Moira wrote the following she is photographed here
with her new cutie Milo
an Indian Ringneck Parakeet

"I told of my sad loss of (noodle) well my friends have bought
me a new baby a hand reard ringneck parakeet (milo)
I love him already he is so cute & clever, although I have read up a bit on the net could some of our fellow readers give me some helpful tips and ideas of training, he is 9wks old, I do hope you will keep the monthly letters on I lookforward to them so much, I loved reading about Feathers what a cuty. I must say your sons site is brilliant* keep up the great work, I thought maybe you could do a page one month on the Indian Ring neck Parakeet, I would be so made up. I tell my friends every month about my letters & pass them on to them . I think its great. I hope you get the photo I've sent you , I'm just learning with my computer.
love to all Moira &"

*If you are interested in visiting our son's site
Click this link enjoy!!!

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