Any comical photographs of your pet parrot/s would be
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I just felt too compelled to send you a message to let you know how much I enjoyed checking out your website. I loved the photo of the Scarlet Macaws over the moving water. I used to breed birds and was the bird handler at a local pet store for many years and I recently got back into birds by bringing home a baby Meyers parrot. It's really great to see someone having so much fun doing what they love to do. It shows in your work. I'll attach a photo of my 4 month old Meyers, "Tango". Keep up the great work! -Gina

Thanks Gina for your kind remarks and great photo of Tango.


TANGO a 4 Month old Meyers Parrot



MAX a Green Cheek Conure

This is Max. he a has a lot to say for himself, favorite words ouch, sorry, naughty, good boy, good night, bed time.


Thanks Ann for your picture of Max. Judging from what max says he is a bit of a nipper as well as a joy.

  I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy your newsletter. I've wanted to send you something for some time but never really had anything. However, one morning I captured this photo of our Meyers parrot, Jasper, sharing some cereal with my husband. It has become quite the ritual anymore. As far as he is concerned he IS a person or maybe my husband and I are birds! Jasper will be 4 years old on Jan 8, 2005, which is also my husband, David's, birthday. Jasper's speech is not considered very clear but we know pretty much what he is saying. First and favorite word is "sweet" which is what we tell him to be when he is a little on the not sweet side. He says his name, birdie, mummy, daddy, and short sentences of some such are "Jasper sweet birdie". He has assumed that all doors squeak. Going up a set of stairs always sounds as if you are wearing your Reeboks. Microwave's ding (even if you only touch them!) Does not like the telephone or remote controls for the television. Does watch the tv and reacts to some of the action, for example an eagle souring. One day a nature special on lions was on and the shrill scream of trouble sounded as the tv showed the cat move across the screen. Having him on our shoulder when he decides to mimic the smoke alarm can be painful! He loves to go everywhere and anywhere with us and when not allowed will relentlessly call, "Mummy, Daddy, Birdie birdie." He's a bit of a sleepy feathers in the morning and will sleep in even when he hears us up and about. But soon we'll hear a peep, then "sweet" or "birdie". If ignored, mummy and daddy will be used. Ignored longer the plea will become mournful, then demanding. He has also mimicked the cockatiels that we have acquired.
We live in central Illinois, and have had a few tornados lately. About 2 years ago a friend found a pretty little bird in her back yard after a tornado moved through here, and asked it I could find it a home. Thinking it would be a good companion for Jasper, I took it in. They did not get along. Jasper jealous as could be if Amigo was shown any attention. But cages in the same room, they did keep each other company when we were out. A year later our vets office mentioned another found bird , that year. Oh no....i thought "but he only has one eye," they begged, "no one will want him but a real bird lover." They got me. The minute I entered the room with him I knew I had a male and female. As you can see, Mickie is a good daddy bird. They have made us 'grandparents' of only one so far hatched, baby bird. Surprisingly, we are even allowed to occasionally touch it. I have to admit that is usually when Mickie has is blind side (right side) to our activities.
So for someone who didn't think I had anything to say, I sure said a lot. Keep up the wonderful website. I hope and pray many others will respond. Even if they don't think they have much to share. So I'll end this with Jasper's word every night around 9pm "nite nite" David & Betty Webster

Jasper's first and favorite word is "sweet" which is what we tell him to be when he is a little on the not sweet side.

Mickie is a good daddy bird.
Please read the lovelly as well as touching information on the left supplied with the photos by David and Betty
David is an artist. This is his website


This photo of two beautiful Sun Conures has been sent by David, not to be confused with David above.

The Sun Conures are obviously great mates as David has seen them feeding each other or maybe kissing!!!

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