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10 Sexy Plus Size Swimsuits That Will Have You Feeling Yourself

The whole world is ready for a well-deserved vacation. After being confined for an entire year, this summer, taking a vacation is high on everyone’s to-do list. I guess if you take a vacation it will involve a beach or a pool. Am I right? Well if you are going to the clear blue waters you will need some sexy plus size swimsuits.

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Plus Size Swimsuits Got A Major Upgrade

When it comes to plus size swimsuits, some serious progress has been made. Plus size women has gone from heavily floral-print swim dresses and pieces to bikinis. Our swimwear now comes with sexy cutouts, alluring ruffle necklines, mesh details and in colors other than black and navy.

It’s nice to see that there is a plethora of plus size two piece swimsuits to choose from. Even the large sized pieces were upgraded from the sad styles that screamed “I hate my fat body.” Some of the plus size one-piece swimsuits are just as sexy as the plus size bikinis.

In addition to the progression of plus size swimwear styles, the number of brands offering plus size swimsuits itself deserves a round of applause. Big girls can now buy designate swimwear.

Yeah! You heard me right. CREATOR swimwear! Well-known designers like Mara Hoffman and Saint Somebody are part of the team. They both created plus size swimsuits ranging from sizes XL-3X and 14-20.

Now that we’ve remembered what curvy swimsuits look like, let’s see what they look like now. We are going to focus specifically on sexy plus size swimsuits. In this overview you will find swimwear from different brands. And of course, this roundup will have something for every budget.

Sexy Plus Size Swimwear That Turns Your Head

So if you are looking for the best sexy swimwear for plus size women, check out these flattering options.

Two polka dot pieces

One Piece Gabifresh

2 piece high waist bikini

One piece color block

Off-the-shoulder swimsuit

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