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14 of the Best Sexy Men’s Underwear Campaigns



Although underwear companies are dedicated to producing comfortable and quality underwear, the real shining stars are the role models in their advertisements and campaigns. For years, brands big and small have shown the world drool-worthy men in their underwear, and we’re ready to talk about our favorites.

Vintage male underwear ads

It’s no secret that advertisements for men’s underwear have changed over time, as has photo and video technology. That being said, many love the ‘vintage’ aesthetic, and we can’t help but love it, too. Here are our favorite vintage male underwear ads:

Tom hintnaus

Tom hintnaus

Tom Hintnaus was featured in Calvin Klein’s first men’s underwear commercial in 1982. To this day, this shoot remains one of the best. Not only is the photo itself excellent in terms of color and angle, but Hintnaus’ body position and awareness takes this photo to the next level.

Antonio Sabato Jr.

Antonio Sabato Jr.

There may be some debate as to whether it’s vintage, but the style is undeniable. The 1996 filming of Calvin Klein of Sabato was straightforward and one of the company’s best-selling campaigns to date. Sabato was also featured alongside Hintnaus in Calvin Klein’s first men’s underwear shoot in 1982.

Famous Men in Underwear Campaigns

The men in underwear campaigns are already a victory in our book, but that victory is high when your favorite celebrity is on a shoot. Whether that celebrity is an athlete, actor or musician, we’ve considered them for the sexiest underwear campaigns with famous men. Here is our final list:


Seeing shirtless pro athletes might not be new, but these campaigns will make you react as if you’ve never seen a man in his underwear before.

Odell Bechkam Jr. – Calvin Klein

Odell Bechkam Jr. - Calvin Klein

As part of the #mycalvins IRL campaign in fall 2019, Odell Beckham Jr. delivered an assortment of sexy snaps. This series included edited studio photos in Calvin Klein underwear, as well as unedited “IRL” photos taken while lounging at home.

David Beckham – Armani

David Beckham - Armani

There’s no one in the world who doesn’t know who David Beckham is, but you may ignore its campaigns with the Armani brand. Beckham is a frequent role model for Armani, but this shoot exceeds all expectations.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Armani

Cristiano Ronaldo - Armani

Cristiano Ronaldo is a world famous athlete, and his physique clearly shows it to us. In his shoot with Armani, Ronaldo delivered the perfect combination of mystery and expression that leaves you wondering why he didn’t pursue a full-time modeling career.


The actors have a lot of experience in front of the camera, which should make modeling easier. While this is not the case for all actors who have become models, it is certainly the case for them.

Nolan Funk – Versace

Nolan Funk - Versace

Noah Funk’s 2014 Versace campaign can be described in a few words: decadent, exceptional and wonderful, to name a few. Funk was constantly playing lead roles at this point in his career, and this campaign made big waves with his fans.

Jamie Dornan – Calvin Klein

Jamie Dornan - Calvin Klein

After his role as Christian Gray, seeing Jamie Dornan in his underwear is nothing new. This photo of Calvin Klein from Dornan’s time as a model takes us back to 2009 and reminds us that while shirtless Dornan might not be new, it’s still something to be excited about.

The musicians

Musicians are performers at heart, and maybe that’s what makes them so comfortable in front of the camera. These men don’t just put on a good show on stage, they also do a pretty good one in these underwear campaigns.

Justin Bieber – Calvin Klein