10 Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas
It's no secret that these stylish Scandinavians have dominated interior design trends for many years now. In fact, it can no longer be called a trend. Rather, it's a basic look that's both timeless and universally adored. Characterized by clean minimalism, bright open spaces and practical functionality, it can work in any type of space. […]

Scandinavian bedroom design ideas

It's no secret that these stylish Scandinavians have dominated interior design trends for many years now. In fact, it can no longer be called a trend. Rather, it's a basic look that's both timeless and universally adored. Characterized by clean minimalism, bright open spaces and practical functionality, it can work in any type of space. What's not to love!

I am constantly looking for inspiration for interiors. Unfortunately for me, I don't have large open spaces to play; more like a box suitable for a tiny person (but I'm small so everything works pretty well). In fact, it's one more reason to adopt a Scandinavian style, so that I can create the illusion of space. I spent a lot of time researching the sheer amount of Scandinavian inspiration in the bedroom. So, in this article, I am compiling some of my favorite Scandinavian bedroom design ideas.

1. Neutral colors

Scandinavian design is characterized by its beautiful neutral colors. It's sophisticated and calming. This makes neutrals the perfect color palette for the bedroom, where relaxation is the ultimate goal.

The light and bright colors give the illusion of space, which makes it perfect for small bedrooms. In addition, you are unlikely to miss neutrals. They are truly timeless and universally loved.

2. Color pops

Scandinavian interiors are often characterized by their unwavering commitment to white, gray and brown tones. While these can have a gloriously clean effect, it can be nice to bring some color into your life.

By making all furniture neutral but adding color with accessories, it leaves the possibility of reinventing the overall look further downstream without having to buy new furniture. Just buy some new pillows and blankets, and voila!

3. Exposed brick

Unfortunately, I can't just make exposed bricks in my apartment, but a girl can dream! If you can't handle the real deal, look for brick wallpaper.

The whitewashed effect of the bricks in this Scandinavian bedroom blends perfectly with the different textures and neutrals. I also love that it brings a sort of “open air” feel to the room.

4. Open shelving

If you have beautiful accessories and ornaments, why hide them in a wardrobe? Due to the minimalism and neutrality that are an integral part of Scandinavian design, it's important to inject some personality.

Open shelving is a great way to do this, as it presents your own story. As long as you're not the type of person who accumulates up to the trash can capacity, then maybe you stick to closed cupboards!

5. Beautiful impressions

To add personality and points of interest, adorn the walls with beautiful prints. You can add color or keep them neutral to really match the style of Scandinavian interiors.

I love these black and white prints. They may not add color, but they certainly add interest to the space above the bed. Black and white is also beautifully elegant and sophisticated.

6. Minimalism

Scandinavian design aims to keep it simple. Traditionally, many Scandinavian houses were quite small, so there was no room for “things”. A minimalist look is therefore a key element of Scandinavian design.

Neutral colors with clean lines and minimal personal effects. Combining design with the essentials, this clean look is perfect for the bedroom. A space without clutter is much more relaxing.

7. Textures

A very common trend in Scandinavian bedroom design is to have a lot of textures. From fur rugs to knitted throws, these different textures bring depth to a room.

They also add to the overall feeling of comfort. Having a bedroom filled with soft-touch materials makes it a place to relax. Snuggle up against the various soft furnishings and indulge in a dreamy night's sleep.

8. Fairy lights

Turn off the overhead lights and turn on the fairy lights! They are the perfect way to make a bedroom warmer and instantly comfortable. String lights can complement a neutral color palette wonderfully, bringing some sparkle.

Especially in winter, these beautiful little lights are the most welcoming space. A truly magical Scandinavian interior idea for the bedroom.

9. Dark walls

Dark walls might not be the first design element you think of when you think of Scandinavian design. But dark gray, dark blue, or even black walls can contrast beautifully with whites and other neutrals.

This contrast can create the illusion of spaciousness when combined with the white bedding, the white ceiling, and a large bedroom mirror. The dark color also makes the bedroom more comfortable.

10. Wood

Scandinavian interiors often feature a lot of wood. Whether it's parquet, paneled walls or beautiful wooden furniture. The woods used in Scandinavian design tend to be light woods, such as ash, beech, or pine.

Wood gives your interior space a more earthy feel. It brings your home back to nature but in a stylish and comfortable way. Gorgeous hardwood floors are a great way to bring this Scandinavian design trend into the bedroom.

Now let's see how I'm going to incorporate these elements into my tiny little room! I will be sure to share interior photos of the end result, but in the meantime I hope you feel inspired enough.

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