2020 Successes and Failures as a Mom Blogger
Want to start a blog for mom? I started Twins Mommy in 2017 to share my struggles as a stay-at-home mom with twins. Over the years, this amazing blog has helped thousands of moms create blogs so they can work from home and take care of their little ones! I am moved to think that […]

Want to start a blog for mom?

I started Twins Mommy in 2017 to share my struggles as a stay-at-home mom with twins.

Over the years, this amazing blog has helped thousands of moms create blogs so they can work from home and take care of their little ones!

I am moved to think that I have helped them navigate this new journey as a mom blogger.

One thing I shared at the start of Twins Mommy was the growth in my blog traffic.

I shared the first 10 months of my blog growth.

And after? I didn't do a good traffic report so thought I would give it a try today!

2020 has been a crazy year for the world, my life and my twins.

My father passed away this year and due to the pandemic I was unable to travel to the United States to attend his funeral.

I'm still struggling with this, but I'm fortunate that my family recorded the service and took pictures.

We also recently bought a house, but we haven't moved in yet.

The house is covered in mold! So now we're cleaning it up and we're ready to move in.

Mold on the ground floor. Just an area where this mold was in our house.

So like I said, crazy year (apart from the pandemic).

I am now watching the Latina Next Door Reno Playlist because she was having similar issues with her new home (well, I also love her design style).

My twins are learning from a distance and although I think they are doing well, I know that when they go back to school they will have a hard time rehabilitating.

As a result of all of this my business has flourished and I am eternally grateful for what I have created over the years.

Blogging really helps me and my husband stay home for good and you know what? It can change your life too!

I know it sounds cliché, but it's really true.

So, let's take a look at my blog successes for 2020.

Success in 2020

One thing that improved was my organic traffic.

1. SEO gains

This is Google traffic and in one year I went from 766 monthly search traffic to 1345 monthly search traffic!

Here is my Google traffic according to Ahrefs - a paid SEO tool.

SEO traffic for Twins Mommy over 1 year (October 2019-October 2020)

As my search traffic increased, my domain's score improved slightly. Your domain score is a score indicating how popular your blog is. It is directly related to the number of other blogs linked to your site (backlinks).

For Twins Mommy, I was 43 at the start of the year and at the end a 46. Not bad! This number isn't that important for ranking (Google doesn't use DA to determine rankings), but overall it helps establish that your blog is trustworthy.

If you want to learn more about SEO, check out my guide on what is SEO.

And if you're having trouble finding keywords for your mom blog, take my guide to 260 easy keywords for ranking.

260 easy keywords for ranking

2. Learned Facebook Ads

Over the summer my husband and I took a course on Facebook Ads. It was great, but in the end it didn't help us at all. My product is more B2B and the course favored cheaper B2C products (less than $ 47). My product is $ 200.

So I'm going to have to revisit this next year for Twins Mommy or other projects.

Why did I put this as a success? This is because I learned things like better sales page writing and ad copy.

Ad copy may be a new service I could offer and I'm excited to explore it.

3. Launch of two new products

This Facebook Ads course also helped me create two new products. Both are for writers, but I'm so glad I was pushed to do so. Although I never thought I would create these types of products, I'm glad I did.

What's great is that if I wanted to I could add more to these courses and make them more valuable!

If you're building your first product and need help writing a sales page, check out my tips here.

4. Continued to develop my Facebook group

My Facebook group, Mom to Mompreneur has 14,000 members!

I don't remember how many members I had at the start of the year, but this group continues to grow every month!

Facebook group growth over the last 28 days

Throughout the year I have thought about archiving this group.


Well, that's a lot of policing. This is a group without promotion, but I get people promoting their products or leaving links to their profiles or videos.

None of this is allowed.

I have a VA helping the police, but it's getting harder and harder. Overall, most people play by the rules, but it takes time.

Although my group helps increase my income, it is not always consistent and the effort to make it a conversion strategy is more than what I would like to do.

So, not sure for 2021!

5. I monetized my Youtube channel

One cool thing that happened in 2020 is that my youtube channel crossed the threshold to monetize!

So I'm going to start monetizing in 2021 or wait until I get a few more subscribers to make it worth monetizing on Youtube!

My YT Freelance Writing Channel

6. Growth of emails

I started the year with around 14,000 subscribers.

For the end of 2020? I have about 25,000 subscribers.

Number of Convertkit subscribers for September-October. 2020

I'm happy with the growth, but please know that I could have grown more if I had created more lead magnets.

If you want to grow your mailing list, be sure to take my FREE list building challenge!

7. My page views have increased

Since my Google traffic has increased, it makes sense that my pageviews have also increased!

In September 2019, my pageviews were around 69,000. What now? They improved 48% to 103,000!

Comparison of page views

I'm really happy with it. I love growing my pageviews for all my sites and it's especially nice that my Twins Mommy blog is growing - even though it's a demographic lifestyle blog!

Yes, it is not really a niche. I blog about productivity tips, email tips, blogging tips, and work from home tips!

And this site continues to rank and grow!

If you want the same for your blog, be sure to check it out Blog Ready Set For Traffic!

8. Be featured on major sites

One thing I'm glad I happened is for other sites to find my blogs and link to my sites or introduce me!

Sites like Penny Hoarder, The Freelancer by Contently, Leadpages and more linked to my sites!

Leadpages functionality

These are backlinks and when bigger sites link to your smaller site, Google considers those links to be more reliable and authoritative. Basically the bigger sites vouch for your site as a good site and Google "listens" to the big sites.

So how do you get backlinks from these sites? While I talk about it a lot in Ready Set Blog for Traffic, one thing I can mention here is writing great value content.

You will be noticed quickly if you write valuable content it's also unique!

Okay, those are the big hits that happened in 2020.

So what are the failures of 2020?


There are some things that did not turn out as I expected and I want to be honest with you! Being transparent is important to me and blogging is not all pink!

1. Failed to update my products

I had high hopes this year to update most of my courses. I have failed miserably.

In July, I recorded many lessons for my website writer course.

Well, I realized that what I was teaching wasn't smooth and I seemed to be learning it too (and I was learning to use Elementor).

So I scratched that and I realize that I'm just gonna use WordPress and Gutenberg to create a website. But I didn't have time to record the lessons because my twins started distance learning.

My demo site

And now? I have very little motivation to do it, but I have to push myself because I really NEED to update this course before the end of the year.

2. We were meant to move

And we had to move this month.

But I can't because of the mold problem. When we move, we will not have any rugs or dining room floors. We will need a new roof next year because we were told it was poorly done.

So I pray that once we move in it will be safe and dry and livable until we can renovate it little by little.

3. I haven't doubled my monthly income

One of my goals was to double passive monthly income. Blogs bring in a good income ($ 20-30,000 / month), but they fluctuate based on rankings and whether I have blogged or created any pins.

I was hoping to double blog income this year, but I didn't do what I needed to do (update courses, build next level products, profitable Facebook ads).

I now know that we have incurred a lot of expense to fix our house and eventually renovate it, my husband is determined to help me get more income from these sites.

As a family of four and a senior fixer, it is imperative that we work on this. It used to be just a nice goal to have because we were okay with the passive income we get from these blogs.

It was my 2020, how was yours?

I know this post wasn't that cheerful, but I want to be real here.

My twins are healthy and happy.

I am in good health and my husband is in good health.

We are all at home every day and we can walk, play outside, do Pinterest Crafts and enjoy family life! And that's what matters, right?

Are you ready to start a blog for mom?

Share with me your successes for 2020!

Please pin me!

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