5 Easy Homemade Pizza Recipes for Your Next Night In
Image by Sonja & Alex Overhiser, A couple cooks Pizza delivery is ready at the push of a button these days. But what's the fun in that? The ultimate night for me is a...

Homemade Pizza Recipes
Image by Sonja & Alex Overhiser, A couple cooks

Pizza delivery is ready at the push of a button these days. But what's the fun in that? The ultimate night for me is a cozy pizza party. Your family has gathered as you push your flour-streaked hair out of your eyes, the aroma of garlic and oregano wafting from the oven ... okay, maybe that isn't so romantic, but here's the thing: it's always satisfying to pull a pie out of the oven you've made with your own hands.

My husband Alex and I spent our honeymoon in Italy and what left a mark on our souls was the pizza: this classic Neapolitan-style pie with its charred crust, shiny garlic tomatoes and stretchy cheese mess. We knew we had to learn to recreate this magic in our own home. So, after spending a decade trying out heaps of recipes (you're welcome!), We've found all the secrets for you to enjoy. better pizza recipes… in the comfort of your own home.

5 tips for making homemade pizza recipes

Now, there are a few things to know about homemade pizza recipes before you start. There are different levels of pizza nerdery you can get into. As a pizza master myself, I will share what I think is the better methods and some easy exchanges.

  • The homemade pizza dough is 100% worth it. It takes 15 minutes to do and 45 minutes to rest, but it is worth it. The flavor and texture of our Main pizza dough is out of this world. Best of all, you can make it ahead of time: refrigerating the dough for 2-3 days develops an even better flavor.
  • Store bought dough is OK! Don't feel like you can commit to homemade dough? It's okay too. It won't have given up the same magic, but it's much easier for a weekday night.
  • Invest in a pizza stone. Why is artisanal pizza so crisp on the bottom? Cooking at very high heat, higher than what your oven can achieve. The solution: a pizza stone imitates the interior of a pizza oven! You do not have any? A good old baking sheet will do.
  • Use a pizza peel. Do you want to increase your pizza nerdery? Obtain a peel the pizza! It allows you to easily slide the pizza onto the hot pizza stone. Not ready for one? Use a rimless baking sheet sprinkled with cornmeal for easy gliding.
  • One simple trick can mimic a pizza oven! A pizza with beautifully charred edges is only possible in a pizza oven. But we recently discovered something from the pizza pro. Use a blowtorch to lightly char the edges of the crust! It works like a charm.

Here are our 5 best homemade pizza recipes to try for your next one. comfortable night in! You can become a fan of pizza or opt for a homemade dough and baking sheet. Either way: they will quickly be favorites with everyone around the table ... we promise.

Margherita pizza recipe
Image by Sonja & Alex Overhiser, A couple cooks

1. Pizza Margherita

Here's how to make the perfect margherita pizza recipe, like the one you will find in a pizzeria in Naples. It's the most classic Italian pizza flavor, showcasing the colors of the Italian flag: red for tomatoes, white for mozzarella and green for basil.

The climax? This 5 minute pizza sauce, made in a blender with fire-roasted canned tomatoes, garlic and oregano.

Image by Sonja & Alex Overhiser, A couple cooks

2. Supreme Pan Pizza

Let's go from classic Italian pizza to warm American pizza! This pan pizza has a chewy crust and tastes like pie from your favorite pizzeria… but better. You can make this type of homemade pizza recipe in a cast iron skillet. Although it takes a little longer than standard pizza dough, it is much easier: you don't need a pizza stone or you don't have to worry about the shape of the dough. .

The smell coming out of the oven is enough to make you visibly drool. Top it with your favorite toppings or try this meaty vegetarian supreme.

Taco pizza recipe
Image by Sonja & Alex Overhiser, A couple cooks

3. Pizza Taco

Here's a fusion style pizza that combines this Italian pie with this Mexican specialty: Pizza Taco! This recipe is based on a delivery pie my husband Alex had growing up. Instead of pizza sauce, the dough is topped with refried beans and cheese, then littered with vegetables and crushed tortilla chips.

The best part? A drizzle of cream homemade ranch dressing Across the top. You have to try this.

Healthy pizza recipe
Image by Sonja & Alex Overhiser, A couple cooks

4. Healthy Parmesan and Arugula Pizza

Are you looking for something fresh and light? Try our Healthy Pizza with caramelized peppers and arugula. This pizza is classic Italian style, with our Thin crust pizza dough for an extra crispy crust. Another key to keeping the light?

A small pinch of Parmesan. There is no mozzarella on this pie, but it tastes larger than life. Garnish with baby arugula for a fresh crunch with every bite.

Spinach artichoke
Image by Sonja & Alex Overhiser, A couple cooks

5. Spinach and Artichoke Pizza

Finally, here are our best homemade pizza recipes, here's one inspired by this classic cozy dip: Spinach and Artichoke Pizza! One of our favorite appetizers is this creamy spinach and artichoke dip: so why not spread it on a pizza? This one is a white pizza recipe, without the traditional tomato based pizza sauce. Tangy artichokes blend with stretchy mozzarella and fragrant garlic on this superb pie.

Which would you try? Let us know your choices (and questions!) In the comments below.

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