7 Small Digital Product Ideas you can Make and Sell Today
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How many times have you had a thought about a digital product that you want to create but are suddenly paused in your process because of just how long it’s going to take? We’ve been there, we totally get it. The mentality that great ideas have to take forever just isn’t the case. In fact, we’re going to talk about 7 digital product ideas that you can literally make and sell today. 

That’s right. No waiting, No huge extensive business plan. No months and months of planning for a launch date that may or may not stay on track. These product ideas are ones that you can sit down at your computer, create, upload, and start earning revenue from immediately. Why wait when you have the ability to create an amazing money-making product literally right this very second? 

And if you’re wanting even more knowledge than what is covered here, we’ve just launched the Little Product Launch Kit that dives into this topic more and will give you a greater understanding of just how simple of a concept this can truly be. 

Are you ready to start earning money within just a couple of short hours? Let’s dive into our top 7 digital products that you can easily make and start selling now

At the end of the post I’ll also share which programs you can use to sell these digital products today.

In the video below we dive into the 7 small digital products you can create today. Be sure to watch it and read the post to get all the gold nuggets!

Digital Products to Create and Sell ASAP

Keep in mind that these are not only easy to do with little training but they can result in big sales quickly within a very short timeframe. And once you make these digital products, you’ll find out just how truly addictive and fun that passive income can be. 

Stock Images/Graphics

Taking pictures is a lot of fun but making money with them is even better. No matter if you have a DSLR or a cell phone, both are capable of taking great pictures now with minimal effort on your part. 

You’ll often find that professional photographers use their expensive cameras to create photos but I’m here to tell you that using your cell phone can create the same results. 

And once you have awesome pictures on your phone or camera, you’re literally almost ready to try and sell them for some money. You can use Canva or PicMonkey online to edit your photos a bit to make them nice and pretty and make them pop. And then just save them to a Dropbox that you can sell.

There are a lot of online stock photo companies that will pay money for stock images and that is an almost immediate payment to you. 

Grouping your images together in packs of 10 or 20 will yield you higher payments but it’s ultimately up to you on how you want to package and sell. The more pictures that you have edited and saved, the more money you’re going to be able to make. 

And if you’re worried that you don’t have an audience for photos, don’t forget that graphics are another great option. This can include creating stickers and icons. These are things that homeschooling moms and teachers LOVE to buy. Because this means that they can pay one price for a graphic and use it over and over again on their own printables and in their classroom as well. Win Win!

Stock images and graphics are literally one of our favorite quick products that you can start selling today. 

Live virtual workshop

If you have the knowledge, people will want to hear it and pick your brain for it. Instead of sitting down and spending months creating a course that may or may not be a success, consider creating a live virtual workshop that you can sell tickets for people to be able to attend. The amount of tickets you want to release to the public is up to you, but you can have an online room full of anywhere from 20-100 people easily enough. 

This means that they’ll feel as though they’re able to sit down with you and when you’re going live in this workshop. And you’re committed to teaching them live to help them achieve a result in a short amount of time. Think big win in a short amount of time.

To jumpstart a live workshop, you really just need a minimal outline to get started. And don’t be afraid to use your live as a way to gauge your audience as well. If you’re not selling tickets to your live, then you know that the interest may not be there. And you’re not going to want to waste any time on that topic or branch off and spend months trying to create a course. 

The other aspect of having a live workshop is that you really don’t have to be a teacher. Your audience will relate to the realness that you bring and they’ll appreciate that you’re being authentic with them as well.

As long as you’re engaging and providing great value, they’re going to continue to want more. And when they show that they want more, you can then take that into consideration about creating and selling a course that will then go into more depth as well. 

This is one digital product that has extremely low risk but can result in very high rewards. 

30-day challenge

Calling all procrastinators! Welcome to our world, because we’re right there with you. Instead of casting a negative light on the fact that you might wait to do things, why not use it to your advantage and create a 30-day challenge for your audience? 

You can easily create a quick Facebook group with limited invites and access where you announce that you’re going to teach a workshop about whatever topic that audience is geared towards. The great part is that you get to spread it out over 30 days. This means that you get to be with your students for the duration of the month and teach them something new every single day. 

This also gives you the flexibility to go live every so often but doesn’t require you to do so daily. You can also offer a free guide or printable along the way as well to keep them engaged and interested and wanting more. 

If you find that your 30-day challenge was a success, you’re going to then be able to assess if there is room to launch a product or an ebook or course based off of that.

Make certain that you’re getting feedback and testimonials so that you can really assess the wants and needs of your audience. A 30-day challenge is perfect for this because as the days pass by, your audience is going to start trusting you more and more. And they’re open to communicating these thoughts and feelings with you. 

A 30-day challenge is actually REALLY great for procrastinators because it will hold you accountable to show up every day as well. Just remember to be generous with your time, offer a good money-back guarantee, and be open and willing to help them when they have questions or needs. 

Create a Tool or Spreadsheet that helps someone

Does anyone else geek out over a good online tool or spreadsheet or is that just us? We’re all about saving time and saving brain cells by having a simple tool or application that does all the hard work for us. 

This is especially true when it comes to tracking and monitoring numbers for things like dieting, recipes, counting macros, organizational skills, etc.

Take a peek at all the apps that you have on your phone – there lies the proof! Apps are created for one thing and that is to help your life be easier, more organized, and more efficient. Why not use that same thought process and create a digital product that you can easily make some money on? 

In the world that we live in today, pretty much everyone has Google and uses it on a daily basis. If you can create a spreadsheet, pretty it up by adding in a logo or graphic, create a video showing them how to use the spreadsheet, and then sell that spreadsheet, you’ve just created a product that will make you money over and over again. 

This also means that you’ve created a tool that is not only going to help them track their macros, track their calories, or easily organize the family schedule all in one spot, but you’ve also created it in a way that it’s super simple to update as well. 

And if they love this product and trust it, you’ve just pretty much guaranteed that you’ve created a customer and a fanbase for life. And they’ll be there for any other online products that you’re going to create in the future as well. 

Done for you templates

Doesn’t everyone want something simple and easy that is pretty much already done for them? This is where done for you templates totally rock. In a nutshell, you’re basically creating templates that your audience can customize and use over and over again. 

Some examples of template creation could be image templates, printable templates, email templates, website templates, logo templates, and even homeschooling templates as well. 

Because the reason that these items sell so easily is that people LOVE being able to buy in once and use it over and over again. Homeschooling moms are a huge audience for this, especially if they have multiple kids.

After they pay for it once, they can alter it and print it out for every other kid throughout the years. To them, this is a more affordable solution and is one that provides them convenience as well.

Mind mapping

Mind Mapping is really a lot of fun. It’s something that uses both sides of the brain and can create a usable map for a complex topic. 

And if you’ve ever seen a mind map, you know that it looks pretty but it’s also a fast way to give people value and understand a process much quicker than having to sit down and write out the same information into a long and lengthy ebook.

Think of it as the cliff notes for a course and it’s something that you can easily sell for a few bucks, or more, depending on how in-depth it truly is. 

It’s a printable framework that you can sell info on and get feedback from before you take it further and create an ebook.

Mind maps are awesome because people are visually drawn to them and they just look really cool. We’re a sucker for them for sure and they’re a great way to give someone the roadmap for success full of information in a quick and concise manner.

Printable packs

Printable packs are pretty much just like they sound…a pack of printables and they’re typically something that your reader wants to print out and use immediately. 

This could include a planner, activity sheets, coloring pages, or a wide plethora of pages for your kids to use or learn from as well. 

This is another digital product that homeschooling moms love because they can buy it once and print it out again and again. Reusing to them is wonderful and saves so much money.

Making a printable pack for fun games is also a great idea and don’t forget about all the possibilities for the upcoming holidays as well. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s leave open so many creative avenues! 

Targeting printable for kids can actually be very lucrative and fun so think big-picture when you’re trying to decide on products. Creating a fun gratitude journal for kids can be an awesome product to sell as well and give them something to look forward to every single day. 

Ultimately, you need to think about printables to create that will work well for your audience. If you want to learn how to create pretty printables, this course is for you!

And there you have it…There are the 7 digital products that we know you can easily create with a short amount of time to start earning money now. We have all the faith in the world in you that you can easily do any, or all, of these online digital products.

Now that you have an idea of what to sell, get the Little Product Launchkit below, and then get a program that allows you to sell digital products online easily.

What if you don’t know the steps to launch?

Don’t worry, we have you covered! This is exactly why we’ve created The Little Product Launch Kit. It was created to give you the blueprint for success and show you exactly what we’ve done to get where we are today. 

For $27, you can get The Little Product Launch Kit jam-packed full of  100 smart steps that include;

  • blog post templates
  • how to create an email sequence
  • sales techniques that aren’t “pushy”
  • sales page template

You can use these techniques to grow your confidence in selling digital products or use it to treat your current online freebies like a product, too! 

The kit comes with products that will help you know how to start your very own:

  • ebook
  • printable mockups
  • templates

Seriously, check it out. We’ve made it super simple and super quick for you to use and it creates a TON of templates that you can use right now to launch your product.

Literally this very afternoon you can have a product out in the world, ready to sell. 

There is truly so much beauty in digital products and we can’t wait to hear all about how they’ve changed your life. Make certain to tell us your success stories so that we can all support and cheer for each other along the way! 

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