A Year is a Day
Staff October 16, 2020 | through Megan October came with rainbows. Day after day of brilliant colors in the sky. A landscape moved to includes golds, oranges, reds and deep greens. The landscape itself has turned into a rainbow before our eyes in recent weeks. The cold came down and our first frost kissed the […]



Fresh Exchange - Quote - The year is a day

October came with rainbows. Day after day of brilliant colors in the sky. A landscape moved to includes golds, oranges, reds and deep greens. The landscape itself has turned into a rainbow before our eyes in recent weeks. The cold came down and our first frost kissed the ground after the smell of snow came in from a north wind. At the rhythm of the season.

For a year, I have been watching this landscape with a baby. She slowed down my days and brought me back to the ground. She was conceived when spring awakens and born at the beginning of winter. She follows the rhythm of the seasons and with her days come new revelations of this wonderful world that we can reach in her rhythms.

When the changing light came in at the end of September, I began to realize that the seasons now here in the north are not that different nowadays. Spring is sunrise. The sun finally rises and brings with it warmth, the sweet awakenings of the world. Summer is the midday sun. The heat, the lush, the dew gone, the water warmed up. We live in a clear blue sky. Autumn is sunset. The fading light paints beautiful colors throughout the landscape. The colors are immense and the freshness comes with the sunset. Night is winter. Darkness arrives and with it we find time to rest, to heal, to rejuvenate, to refocus inward so that we are ready for dawn.

Fresh Exchange - Quote - The year is a day

By making this deep connection with the big picture of a year, I have found calm with the rhythms that come. I welcome winter as I welcome the end of the day. I recognize its changing light and it indicates that it is time to rest. I live the summer days to the full knowing that this is when life is open and experienced. And then fall, I sit in total awe. We do the final closing of things. We clean the garden. We prepare our soil for its sleep. We watch the wild colors invade the landscape and we watch them disappear like the light of day.

I find such comfort in these rhythms. I have marked my life with them since I was young. Without them, I feel lost and without foundation. Every season a routine; a system to accept what he is and not ask him for anything else. This is why when we fight we wish the winter was warmer, it is no different from the anguish we feel at night wishing it was day. We feel tired and fuzzy eyes when the sun finally rises because we haven't used the night for what it is intended for.

Fresh Exchange - Quote - The year is a day

As we dive deep into fall, I think about that kind of rhythm in my life. I'm thinking about how to build myself deeper rhythms and do the things the season calls for. We move slowly from one to the other. The landscape and the wind and the way it blows tell us what time it is. We have to be careful because if we don't we can get caught in a place where we are late or lose our footing. We may feel lost or stolen or in an expectation.

As we move into the last fortnight of October, I feel we are at the sunset point where the sun has painted the sky colorfully. Everything is perfect. We have time to finish our work before the sun sets completely behind the hills and the snow arrives. We live in the moment and in the gratitude of the harvest. We take out the candles and set the table with hotter meals. We light the fire to bring some more light and to remind us of the clearest days, but we feel gathered in the only way a fire can.

These rhythms and routines create a sense of normalcy like nature can only when we allow it to be seen. In this time of the world, I'm learning to listen to Earth more in the hope that she can teach me things that the human world may never teach me. My hope is to learn to be constantly growing, to learn to adapt, to find new ways to take root, to look for ways to find stability, and above all to continually remember that everything has its time. .

Fresh Exchange - Quote - The year is a day

So when I see a year… I now see it a bit like a day.

Mist in the hills.
The big hot sun on a clear day.
The rain storm.
The Rainbow.
The unexpected snowstorm.
The green hills.
The sun sinking into the hills.
The changing colors of maple.
The dark night that reveals the stars and the Milky Way.
All of them have magic.
All of them hold truths.
All of them have lessons.
All have a way.
A year is a day.

How will we see the pink light on the wall and know how to wake up?
How will we feel the good warmth of the soil to know when to plant?
How will we smell the tomato well enough to know when to harvest?
How are we going to listen to the changing birdsong to know when to rest?
How will we be aware enough to know that the smell of snow means it's time to start the fire?

These are the things I want to know without a timeline. I want to feel. I want to watch. I want to feel. I want to listen well enough to know in my bones when the right time is. Feeling connected enough to know when to take the right step in the right direction.

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