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I was addicted to the Disney + show Star Wars: The Mandalorian for a year and a half. I enjoy this "Spaghetti Western" in space, and I really pack a lot of action into every hour. I'm digging out the main character, which is basically the 1960s equivalent of "The Man With No Name" that […]

I was addicted to the Disney + show Star Wars: The Mandalorian for a year and a half. I enjoy this "Spaghetti Western" in space, and I really pack a lot of action into every hour. I'm digging out the main character, which is basically the 1960s equivalent of "The Man With No Name" that Clint Eastwood played in those westerns from long ago. And, yes, I also get a kick from The Child. Baby Yoda. He.

Also, I dig Disney + to release new episodes of the show on Thursday nights, so I can get up in the morning, grab a bowl of cereal, and drop my fat ass in front of the TV, like it's a Saturday. morning 1973 cartoonfest. Sugar.

Now, it's been a while since I was collecting Star Wars memorabilia - maybe I had a few collectible cards and comics back then, but nothing up to some Star Wars fandom.

That being said, yesterday while shopping for some new kitchen utensils (let's just say one of my stoves couldn't stand the `` bachelor's kitchen '' anymore) I saw this on the checkout aisle.

It's true, young padawans, it's Star Wars: The Mandalorian official hand sanitizer.

Think about it for a second. Official hand sanitizer. You know, for those days on Tatooine where your hands are so chapped and rough after those pod races. Or maybe you've been in close contact with a Tusken Raider and aren't sure if you should distance yourself socially.

Okay, cute product. But guess what - it's officially licensed by the Food and Drug Administration.

No seriously. here is the link.

Apparently this bottle also contains a fake label. Yes, you can peel off the back of the label for a secret message.

I peeled off the back of the label.

Have I received a spoiler for an upcoming episode?

Have I received a coupon for a free Mandalorian toy?

Um no. The back label contained the ingredients, instructions and warnings of the product. Do not keep this in an atmosphere above 105 degrees. Therefore, this product should not be stored near a working lightsaber.

Spills of this product may damage certain wood or plastic surfaces. Beskar steel should be fine.

Do not ingest. None of the ingredients involve bone broth.

Now, I'm guessing having The Child on the front of the bottle might make the product more appealing to kids, that they might want to use it, and in so doing keep COVID-19 germs away.

Or, as my friend Laurie has shown me, just following the watch kid's ways makes you less likely to get COVID-19.

This is the way. 😀

“Scream” star David Arquette has an extreme passion that almost cost him his life — professional wrestling.

Two years ago, Arquette faced off against ex-con Nick Gage in a deathmatch, the most violente style where the wrestlers swing chairs, baseball bats and the like.

With blood gushing from his neck, Arquette gets up and tries to pin Gage but can’t. He jumps out of the ring, holding his neck. Then, he climbs back in and smacks Gage with a folding chair. After a couple of minutes, though, Arquette is the one who gets pinned.

“It nearly cost me my life, ” Arquette told the Star of the match. “I was in way over my head. I was about half an inch from death…”

Arquette decided to go back into the ring after fellow pro wrestler Jack Perry, the son of late actor Luke Perry, assured him that he wasn’t bleeding to death. Perry is the one who took Arquette to the hospital.

Arquette told the Star : “I could hear Luke but I couldn’t see him, ” Arquette told the Star. “I said : ‘Luke is it pumping ? ’ because I was worried I was bleeding out and he said : ‘No it’s not pumping. ’ I knew at that point I wasn’t dying immediately, I could try to finish the match. ”

Arquette has had a lifelong love affair with wrestling, which is traced in a new documentary, “You Cannot Kill David Arquette. ” The film tells of how Arquette has spent the past two decades trying to earn back the respect of the wrestling world — after he won the World Championship Wrestling heavyweight title as a publicity stunt for his movie “Ready to Rumble. ”

In those years, the 49-year-old Arquette has battled heart problems and drug addiction. After the Gage match, Arquette’s wife, Christine, told him : “I just feel like you want to die, ” the actor recalled.

“I don’t want to die but life is painful, ” Arquette told the Star. “If you have addiction issues like I do there’s an element in the back of your head that the addict is literally trying to kill you. You have to find ways to deal with it so you don’t continue to kill yourself, either slowly or quickly. ”

For Arquette, wrestling helped him deal with the deaths of Luke Perry, a close friend who died of a stroke, and his transgender sister, Alexis, who died of a heart attack.

“Losing someone is really painful but a few things have happened to make me feel we are all much more connected, ” Arquette said. “For wrestling, you shave everything and at one point I was looking at my arms and it was like I was looking at Alexis’ arms, as being transgender she would shave them… For a second it was like I was looking through Alexis’ eyes… I think we’re a lot more connected than any of us know. ”

Through the film, Arquette has finally learned to accept himself. “I accomplished what I set out to do, ” Arquette told the Star. “I wanted to prove I could be a wrestler. And through this whole experience, I figured out – and it’s ironic – I need to stop beating myself up. I had to stop attacking myself and be kind to myself, as corny as it sounds.


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