Fresh Air and Family Time
Hello party people! How are you? Hope you all had a good weekend! We filled ours with lots of fresh air and family time, which seems to be the norm here these days. Saturday...

Hello party people! How are you? Hope you all had a good weekend! We filled ours with lots of fresh air and family time, which seems to be the norm here these days.


Our weekend started with a family walk on Saturday morning. We were all up before the sun, so there was no relaxation in the weekend here. Phew! Fortunately everyone was in a good mood and enjoyed exploring the neighborhood before our plans for the day lead our gang to a new park for us in Mooresville.

(I'm sure most of the photos of Rhett in his baby book will be of him in a baby carrier. Baby # 3 life!)

We met our friends Chandra and Kevin and their two boys at Cornelius Road Park and it was a great place! The park was very large, with two jungle gyms (one for the big kids, one for the little ones), baseball and soccer fields, walking trails, and tennis courts. It was a bit difficult for us to get there, but it was worth it as the kids had a blast and we loved chatting with our friends. We spent just under two hours at the park and returned home at lunchtime.

After everyone had been fed and Ryder and Rhett were dozing off, Ryan and Chase went off for another walk with Sadie and I turned on my computer and tried to check some work related things on my to-do list. . The rest of our day was spent in a blur of pizza, movie night, and early bedtime. We watched Tangled with the Boys and once again Ryan and I found ourselves commenting on how Tangled didn't get enough hype when it debuted in 2010. The music is great, the story is cute and our boys love it! Two other underrated Disney movies: Hercules and The Princess and the Frog. Would you like to add underrated Disney movies to the list? We're always on the lookout for new family-friendly movies to check out!


Sunday morning we said goodbye to dropping in our house!

Ryan was in the mood to bring our Christmas things back from the attic, so the boys and I quickly packed all of our fall things so we could decorate for Christmas as soon as the motivation kicked in. I have a feeling this will happen ASAP because right now our hallway is full of boxes that are driving me a little crazy.

Eventually Rhett's restlessness level peaked, so we knew he needed a good nap at home or a good nap on the go. As our children are often much nicer outside the house than inside these days, we decided to go on a local greenway with their push cars and walk to the village of Birkdale.

Remember a while ago when I found a used push car for Ryder in my early forties? Well the family had a second car available and I grabbed it for Rhett. Naturally, Chase wants to go up there too whenever Ryan pushes the crazy boys fast and makes them "run" on the sidewalk or greenway.

(I took this picture as the boys were screaming, “Endlessly… and beyond!” Over and over. Well, Ryder is just yelling “and beyond!” And that's his signal to Ryan to enlarge it!)

We met my stepdad in Birkdale (he rents an apartment nearby) and had our first festive drinks of the season at Starbucks before visiting the large Christmas tree in the center of the open-air shopping plaza.

(Oh and in case you're wondering if I'm the type of mom who lets her kids eat cakes at 10 in the morning… Yeah, yeah I am.)

Eventually we made our way to a play area where the boys ran around for a bit before heading home and Greg joined us at our house for a late lunch. Ryan broiled burgers outside and I made a broccoli and cheese soup in the Instant Pot for everyone to enjoy during the Panthers game.

We spent the rest of our Sunday afternoon around the house, doing random chores and putting some of our Christmas lights outside.

As for the coming week, business should be business as usual here. Hope to come back more times and as always I appreciate that you made my blog a part of your day. Hope you have a good week!

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