How Somavedic Mitigates EMF, EMR and Harmful Energies in Your Home
How to protect yourself from EMRs and harmful energies in your homeIOver the past few years, more and more research has shown that if you want to achieve the highest levels of health and wellness that you are capable of, it is extremely important to take steps to protect your body from damage. the increasing […]

How to protect yourself from EMRs and harmful energies in your home

IOver the past few years, more and more research has shown that if you want to achieve the highest levels of health and wellness that you are capable of, it is extremely important to take steps to protect your body from damage. the increasing amount of harmful electromagnetic radiation and the environmental stressors that our modern technologies and lifestyles bring to the spaces and places where we live, work and sleep.

Whether you realize it or not, every second of every day your body is bathed in a sea of ​​health-damaging electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by cellphones, Wi-Fi, computers, wiring in walls. , tower cells, and much more. All of this disrupts the functioning of your cells, nervous system, and brain, contributing to significant levels of stress and inflammation in your body and its immune system.

And while it's tempting to think that this only happens when you're in the world or in urban areas, researchers have always found that it's usually at home that people are exposed to the highest levels. of this electromagnetic radiation which deteriorates health.

The one place we spend the majority of our time that should be the most relaxing and rejuvenating is often the most stressful on our bodies due to the impact of EMR-emitting technologies like Wi-Fi, cell phones. , appliances and old cables. in the houses.

How to protect yourself from EMR in your home and restore optimal health

Fortunately, there are as many researchers and engineers working on solutions to the problem as there are studying it. And what's even better is that over the past decades a number of powerful and cutting-edge technologies have been developed to eliminate the effects of EMR, protect the nervous system from stress, and help restore optimal functioning. from the body.

A handful of the best of these devices go far beyond just protecting and restoring health, but also have incredibly beneficial effects on your awareness, mood, sleep, meditation, and peace of mind.

However, not all of these devices are created alike, and as part of our mission at Conscious Lifestyle Magazine to help people achieve cutting-edge levels of health and consciousness, we've tested countless technologies over the years. years to help discover the most effective. those.

Recently, we came across something that we believe is a breakthrough in this space: Somavedic.


Having tried many devices over the years claiming to help reduce the effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and radiation (EMR) and improve health, we have a good idea of ​​what works and what is hyped. When we got our hands on the Somavedic last month, we were deeply impressed.

First of all, unlike many devices, Somavedic has solid research behind it, showing that it significantly helps protect against the negative effects of EMF / EMR, increases calm and has positive effects on stress and blood health biomarkers, which is an important part of verifying that the effects of a device are not just a placebo but actually have a significant impact.

Second, from the moment we plugged in the Somavedic, we could instantly feel its calming effects on our body and mind. Within seconds of turning it on, we felt like our nervous system was enveloped in a soft, soothing blanket that dissipated stress and tension. That night, we slept more soundly than we had for many months, with more vivid dreams, waking us refreshed and rejuvenated, despite being well over 15 yards on the other side. of the House. This is because the Somavedic creates a large harmonic field that spans 100 feet in any direction, providing coverage even for fairly large homes.

In the days that followed, we noticed that our meditations were deeper, that we felt calmer and happier, and that our bodies were stronger and more resistant to the things that normally stressed us.

All these advantages are compatible with the effects reported by the vast majority of Somavedic users:

+ Improved sleep and feeling of calm
+ Reduction of headaches and stress
+ Better mood, increased energy and greater peace of mind
+ Reduction of inflammation, lowering of free radical levels
+ Decreased symptoms of electrosensitivity

How it works

From the start we were interested in exactly how Somavedic works; and if you're like us, you probably have a long list of questions on this as well. In order to find out all about how this new device is radically improving our lives, we interviewed one of the key people on their team who worked closely with the founder and brilliant engineer behind the product.

In short, Somavedic technology works by creating a more cohesive natural environment that activates the process of self-healing in body and mind. Inside the beautiful glass case on the outside of the Somavedic is a disc made up of specific minerals, crystals and elements which is charged and enhanced by the shape of the glass so that the healing and protective properties of these minerals, crystals and elements are amplified considerably to create a protective and rejuvenating field in the interior space of your home around the device. This biologically favorable environment protects you at the cellular level from the adverse effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), viruses, molds, free radicals and geopathic stress.

These effects are so pronounced; in fact, Somavedic is used in physician offices and therapy spaces around the world, with physicians reporting increased energy, focus and productivity, as well as a positive effect on patients.

And after having it in our space for a few months, we can see why: it's one of the few devices that really works and that you can really feel having a profoundly beneficial effect on your health and consciousness.

The different types of Somavedic devices

Depending on your budget, the size of your space and the intensity of the effects you are looking for, there are different types of Somavedic devices to choose from to suit your needs. Each Somavedic model is made from different types of glass and hand-blown crystals that are combined and configured in different ways to serve a specific purpose and produce a variety of desired benefits. Here's a quick look at three of our favorite options, and you can find more information about individual Somavedic products on their website here.

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

One of our favorite options is the Medic Green Ultra model as it combines a number of advantages including water structuring capabilities for better hydration and is designed to be the most universal. This green beauty can handle the harmonization of spaces and water anywhere. It eliminates the influences of 3G, 4G, 5G, EMF, geopathic stress, viruses, bacteria, parasites, molds and free radicals. The corpus is made of hand-blown yellow glass, which shows a soothing and subtle green glow when plugged in.

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

Somavedic traveler

Depending on the length of your trip, this option might be the best for you. The Somavedic traveler is a boon for anyone with a long drive or who spends a lot of time in hotels or coworking spaces with a lot of people. This is the most compact version, which can be plugged in to your care and can easily slip into a purse or briefcase. Although it has no water structuring abilities, it eliminates the influences of EMFs, geopathic stress, viruses, bacteria, parasites and free radicals.

Somavedic traveler

Somavedic Medic Amber

This Somavedic model is a biohacker's dream come true. It can easily remove the influences of many environmental stressors including the very powerful electrosmog, EMR and EMF. The performance of Medic Amber is four times the size of Medic Green Ultra, making it a great option for large spaces and places with a lot of energy, such as apartment buildings, workplaces, offices, stores, hotel conference rooms and electric cars.

Somavedic amber

Other Somavedic models

While we've mentioned a few of our favorite versions of Somavedic, there are eight models to choose from, including a fully customizable option, the Medic Gold, which is tailored to your specific needs and areas of interest. . As such, we encourage you to spend some time exploring which option is best for you.

To try Somavedic for you, use code CLMCALM10 for 10% off of all Somavedic

This article is a sponsored article written in collaboration with Somavedic, whose products and ethics follow the strict quality and integrity guidelines of Conscious Lifestyle Magazine.

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