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For many men, their 30s are a time of exciting life changes; buy a home, get career promotions, start a family, and more. While these specific examples do not apply to all men, the fact remains that we all mature and change over time - and that means our outward appearance should reflect such progression! […]

For many men, their 30s are a time of exciting life changes; buy a home, get career promotions, start a family, and more. While these specific examples do not apply to all men, the fact remains that we all mature and change over time - and that means our outward appearance should reflect such progression! To avoid looking like you're still attached to the styles and habits of your teens and twenties, check out these six tips.

You are now a full-fledged adult, and there should be a certain level of maturity in your style, where you look young but also Suitable for age. Anything that is too young will make you feel like you haven't grown up. At the same time, iust because someone expects you to dress in a particular way, that doesn't mean you have to. Finding your own style that suits you, looks good on you and makes you feel good should be your top priority. But since it's often difficult to see themselves clearly, we've put together a list of ways that men engage in habits that are not deliberately their choices, which can negatively affect the way they look at this particular age.

You can certainly tell that Raphael's style has evolved and changed over time.

You can certainly tell that Raphael's style has evolved and changed over time.

6 style mistakes 30 things to avoid

1. Wear the same outfits you had in high school

The first style mistake is when something in your repertoire style is the same as it was for you in high school. Some things are easy to get acquainted with, but your style and look should change with you as you age. It's okay to be a little tied up, but you don't have to continue wearing your same old track T-shirt while doing all your shopping.

The same old combinations of clothes

You are in your 30s, so you probably don't look like you teens more. Save your old clothes for painting and other household errands, but not for everyday wear. These would include those loose straight leg jeans, graphic tees, and oversized polo shirts and tees.

Not only are they less fashionable, but they are also not included in the classic style.

Not only are they less fashionable, but they are also not included in the classic style.

Do you still wear the same overalls as in high school? For example, visibly layering a t-shirt with a button or polo. This will add unnecessary bulk to your top half. The visible white shirt belittles the look and is a visual distraction. Buy v-neck t-shirts instead if you prefer the extra layer of a undershirt.

Outdated hairstyles

One of the worst offenders in this category is your Haircut, because it is in the front and in the center; everyone can see it. If you haven't changed your hairstyle since high school, chances are it's time for an update. It's been over a decade, and it's definitely time to move on (unless you really have timeless haircut, and few of us did)!

A thorny haircut doesn't look cool when you're 30.

This spiky, gelled haircut might have been 'in' 15 years ago, but it just doesn't suit a man in his 30s.

One of the most common offenders that we still see today is the gelled, "short and prickly" haircut. Even if your hair is not bleached, it is still a dead gift for high school hair. If you are unsure of the type of hairdressing you will be better, maybe call a friend whose hairstyle you admire and go ask their opinion, or even ask if you can go see their stylist. Also, think twice before going back to your current barber or hairdresser, as they will likely continue to give you the same.

2. Not knowing your personal style

Another mistake men in their 30s make is not finding out what is their style is, or whatever they think is good. This is true for men who love style and for those who find it boring. If you are frustrated with knowing what to wear at this age, this can be the root of the problem. You're at least 30 years old at this point, so now is the time to find out.

Kyle comfortably wears his navy suit accented with a blue and gray striped tie and burgundy Paisley silk pocket square

Kyle comfortably wears his navy suit accented with a blue and gray striped tie and Burgundy paisley silk pocket square.

Take the time to answer the following questions:

  • How do I want to feel when I dress?
  • What's important to me when it comes to style?
  • What is my budget?
  • What always makes me feel good when I wear it?
  • What gaps in my knowledge prevent me from having the wardrobe I want?
Dressing The Man Book by Alan Flusser

The expansion of your men's clothing library will give you inspiration.

  • What mistakes do I always make when buying that I regret later?
  • What gaps in my wardrobe prevent me from having the look I want?
  • Am I struggling with too many or too few clothing choices?
  • Do I want to do this on my own or consult other people and other resources?

Take the answers to all of these questions and write them down. This will create something like a Venn diagram that will lead you to your ideal look.

Finding out what works for you and what works for you is very important. It will help you become more efficient buyer where you can spend less money and be more satisfied with what you buy. Even if it means that you are developing a uniform, it is totally okay and better than trying to wear every type of style.

3. Carry a backpack

Unless you're camping, backpacks tend to make adult males look overgrown schoolchildren, no matter your age. I will not say that they are not useful, as in times of Trip, but for all kinds of professional scenario, it's time to ditch the backpack. If you're in your 30s, your clothes and tastes have hopefully changed from your middle and high school days, but the backpack is a bit of a holdover from those days. In addition to that, backpacks crumpled shirts, crumple the shoulders of the jacket and sweat your back.

The perfect example of how a backpack can ruin your look

A perfect example of how a backpack can ruin your look

4. Do not dress every day

What you wear around the house should mostly be about what makes you feel good - but I've found worth to dress everyday. You are ready to go whenever you want and it is much easier to mentally exit “lounge mode”. It's undoubtedly a lot easier to stay sweaty all day, even while running errands, but it certainly won't make you look mature for your age.

Kyle wears a navy jacket with a white and blue dress, a Fort Belvedere moss green silk wool pocket square accented over his green pants.

Kyle wears a navy jacket with a white and blue dress shirt Moss green wool and silk pocket square of Fort Belvedere accentuating against his green pants.

5. Wear immature jeans

Jeans, unlike chino Or other dress pants, age much faster over time. Trends in distress, detailing and washes are changing jeans faster. A timeless quality, therefore, is independent of what is happening in the current trend of jeans. But since styles of previous decades were far from timeless, most of your teenage jeans and 20 years are going to look dated although you can still fit in!

Embellished and overly washed jeans are NOT to be

Embellished and overly washed jeans are NOT to be

I admit I did this too, however. Some of my favorite jeans that I have had for many years even ended up ripping because I kept them on for too long.

6. Wear immature shoes

On a similar note, casual styles of shoes can also create a youthful effect. It can mean wearing flip flops or sandals in places other than the beach. As many people here in the Midwest tend to sometimes wear dirty sneakers anywhere other than the backyard. Your shoes are a key place to show that your style is as mature as you are.

Sandals and costumes obviously don't go well together

Sandals and costumes obviously don't go well together

If you want sneakers, by all means, wear them. But our advice is to get rid of anything old and dirty and choose something clean, fresh, and a little more mature instead. Do your best to keep them clean at all times. In general, try to keep any type of sandal for the beach. To start your mature shoe collection, you can take advantage of the style and versatility that essential dress shoes can offer.

Wingtip Cognac Antique

These Antique Cognac Wingtips from Ace Marks are a timeless quintessential option


Certain decades seem to correlate with a specific set of stylistic errors. Keep them in mind so you don't engage them and risk appearing sloppy. Remember to always have the right amount of maturity in your outfits to look your best in your 30s and even beyond.

Kyle;  at the age of 30, wearing a green cable-knit sweater, cream jeans and a brown braided leather boot.

Kyle, comfortable in his early 30s, wearing a green cable knit sweater paired with cream jeans and brown braided leather boots

What is your favorite styling technique that you discovered (or used) in your 30s? Share it with us in the comments!


In your thirties?  Avoid These 6 Style Mistakes - Men's Fashion Tips

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In your thirties? Avoid These 6 Style Mistakes - Men's Fashion Tips

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We're breaking down 6 style mistakes most men in their 30s make - and what you can wear to look stylish instead!


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