The notable guest of this episode is Julie Lythcott-Haims. She is an author, speaker, former educator and former corporate lawyer.

Julie holds a BA from Stanford, a law degree from Harvard, and an MA in writing from California College of the Arts. She ended her legal career to go to work at Stanford and served as the Dean of Freshmen and Undergraduate Counsel. In other words, she advised the freshmen.

She is the author of four books: New York Times Best Seller How to raise an adult, Real American: A Memoir, Writing of briefs, and soon published Your turn: how to become an adult. This is the most passionate and eloquent interview I have ever conducted. You will hear what I mean shortly.

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It was an in-depth interview covering questions such as:

  • Two questions to ask yourself and others about racism
  • How the kids can do it for themselves instead of you being a helicopter parent
  • Prepare your children to be tougher in the face of difficulties
  • How non-blacks can use their privilege to speak out against racism and micro-aggression

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