Let’s Talk About Our Favorite Things: Bread & Wine
Activate your JavaScript to view the content Let's make one thing clear. There is absolutely nothing better than BREAD and wine. Like… am I right? BUT, there is definitely nothing worse than a hangover....

Let's make one thing clear. There is absolutely nothing better than BREAD and wine. Like… am I right?

BUT, there is definitely nothing worse than a hangover. And for me, a hangover with gluten is really the worst. You're bloated, you're bloated, you're tired, and you feel like crap from the night before because you ate too much bread and drank too much wine (if you're like me).

WELL. Let me introduce you to 2 gamechangers.

First, there is this bread that I eat pretty much every day since I lost my baby weight. It's called Srsly bread & this leaven - MY GOD - is so good. It's gluten free but you would never know it.

Not only is it gluten free, but it is free from egg, dairy, tree nuts, soy, potatoes, sesame, sugar and chickpeas. I promise you will fall in love with this bread.

Dr Steven Gundry was on the podcast not too long ago and he introduced me to this bread. He loved it and then I started to see him everywhere Instagram. A little history about the company:

The founder, Sadie, started Bread Srsly in 2011 when she was trying to bake gluten free bread for her friend (now boyfriend). After much trial and error and some bread in the trash, she found `` the recipe '' and started delivering it to people on her bike in San Francisco. And There you go! Now we have Bread Srsly. We are lucky.

Since getting my blood checked I have found that my blood type and gluten don't go well together, so I cut it out and experimented with all types of bread. Let me tell you… THIS IS THIS. It's hot, crunchy, and doesn't taste like it's gluten free. Boy oh boy, it tastes good with wine - we'll get there. I bet you are drooling right now. I am.

Skinny Confidential's Favorite Sourdough Toppings:

♡ egg and proscuitto.

Toast the sourdough, add a little ghee, top with an egg, a slice of proscuitto and microgreens. I'm hungry just thinking about it. Of course I always add my favorite Yellowbird Habanero Hot Sauce.

Footnote: Yellowbird Habanero Hot Sauce is literally the best condiment ever. I mean, it'll burn your fucking face, but that's it: no GMOs, no artificial flavors, only fresh and delicious ingredients like dates, habanero, lime, peppers, carrots and tangerines. . You can use it on eggs, pizzas, tacos, quesadillas, thin cauliflower, avoid toast, you have it. If you love spices, this is your new best friend.

♡ sugar and cinnamon.

How nostalgic. Again, toast the sourdough, add some Kerrygold Butter, top with coconut sugar & cinnamon.

♡ avocado and chilli flakes.

A little toast never hurts a chip. Toast your bread and add a little crushed avocado, a little lemon, crispy pepper flakes, microgreens and some flower of salt for a little extra crunch.

We talked about it French sea salt before, but if you enter Srsly bread, let's just say you need to get French sea salt as well, because:

+ Made of distinctive salt crystals and slightly moist - this is a unique salt that improves food.

+ top in real cork.

+ used in place of table salt for a healthier, more delicious meal.

+ no plastic involved - love it.

+ a superior taste that will blow your mind.

Worth every penny if you ask me.

Ok ok, now for the NO HANGOVER WINE. Yes, it is true, it exists.

This wine won't give you a hangover and I know that because I have drunk so many bottles of wine in my life and most of them contain over 40 grams of sugar. Dry farm wines DO NOT!!

I've tried so many different wines from all over the world and I feel like I've finally figured out: a lot of companies add shit to their wine. It means additives, flavors, colors, flavor alterations, sulfites and SUGAR. Yes. added. sugar. in your. some wine. So it's no surprise that after two drinks you wake up with a headache, because it's basically like having two Snickers bars. It's disgusting that we buy a bottle of wine from Italy and think there is no added sugar when there is up to 40 grams.

Anyway, my friend Katie from The well-being mom was on TSC Podcast & she told me everything Dry farm wines. The reason I was IMMEDIATELY interested is because they deliver it right to your door every month - you know I love a delivery. Also, you can guarantee their wines:

♡ are natural, sustainable and biodynamic.

♡ are aged and produced according to traditional winemaking practices.

♡ have no chemical additives to improve aroma, color, flavor or texture.

♡ have little or no filtering / refining.

♡ have little or no added SO2 (sulphites).

♡ do not have commercial yeast for flavor alteration.

♡ use minimal intervention in winemaking and aging.

To go further, I researched and learned how specific they are in choosing their wines and they only source genuine and natural wines.

MAY I OPINION EVEN FURTHER…. and I called the owners. They told me about their wine, its low alcohol content and why there is so much sugar and sulphites added to other wines. I told them I love red wines from Italy, I love rosé, so they sent me some wine to try. They just understand.

It was time to put it to the test - I still want a human guinea pig myself for you guys. I had TWO Tuscan-red HEATED GLASSES, ate as usual and went to bed.

The next morning, nothing. Not even a speck of headache. I didn't even increase my hydrant. So I decided to give my sister Mimi and my best friend Westin a try (I don't mean to brag, but Westin knows his shit when it comes to alcohol and Mimi loves his wine, so they were the perfect people to test it out) .

They both said ... NO HANGOVER.

Some more fun facts about dry wines from the farm:

♡ they use an independent certified oenologist to test all wines to ensure the wines are SUGAR FREE (thank you Lord).

♡ they make sure every wine meets strict standards for health and purity (we don't want a bunch of crap in our wine that doesn't need to be there).

♡ they work with small family farmers to offer wine that is grown and made as nature intended.

♡ they support small organic and natural winegrowers with fair prices.

♡ they check a lower alcohol and sulphite content.

I mean low alcohol for a minute… having a glass of hard liquor is not the same as enjoying a glass of wine. Sipping on a low-alcohol drink gives your liver time to process the alcohol, and doesn't overwhelm it. There is such a limit with alcohol consumption, because in moderation it can be so beneficial (less stress, less inflammation, less risk of stroke and dementia), but in excess it can be. so deadly and really bad for your brain.

It's nice to know that Dry Farm Wines never source wines with more than 12.5% ​​alcohol so you can really enjoy a glass of wine in the evening without going overboard, you know?

There aren't many companies that seem to be able to make these same claims. And not only that, I also think there aren't a lot of homeowners out there who care how these owners care. It was so interesting to hear their story on the phone with them to hear their whole story and you can tell it is their passion and their job to bring quality wine to customers all over the world.

I was such a fan of Dry farm wines for a while now, i just wanted to share this with you guys. Other people obsessed with dry farm wines:

Halle Berry - “Dry Farm Wines is low enough in sugar to be keto-friendly and doesn't have as much alcohol as the average bottle… I won't go back to the old stuff for a second.

Kristin Cavallari - "I am such a fan and believe in what Dry Farm Wines stands for and I am honored to be a part of this family."

Dave Asprey - "Dry Farm Wines brings fanatic quantification to biohacking wine."

If you are interested click here to BUY, choose your delivery details, your wines and enjoy. I highly recommend the dry reds and the champagne.

Dry farm wine, sourdough bread and fleur de sel? You can not be wrong.

x, lauryn

PS. Redeem code SKINNY for free delivery to your Srsly bread order!

+ worn on ice machine of your dreams.

++ how to make a cute, strawberry sheet cake.


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