Moore Please! 10.23.20 | Mollie Moore
Moore please! is a monthly Friday series where I can just chat about what's on my mind lately. From what I've watched and bought, to personal updates, to weekend plans - you can find out all about my current favorites here! MOORE TRIP If you follow me on Instagram then you know I spent 10 […]

Moore please! is a monthly Friday series where I can just chat about what's on my mind lately. From what I've watched and bought, to personal updates, to weekend plans - you can find out all about my current favorites here!


If you follow me on Instagram then you know I spent 10 days in Yorkshire this month! It was an amazing trip and I was blown away by how much interest you showed in where we have been and what we have done. I will definitely put together a few blog posts with our itinerary and all of our must do activities. It was really so nice to be away from London for such a long time (something that I hadn't planned to happen in 2020!) And I'm grateful that this trip was able to come to fruition. I'm supposed to be heading to Scotland next Thursday for a long weekend, but with tighter restrictions hitting both London and Edinburgh, I'm still not sure if this trip will continue. Scotland are due to take updated measurements on Monday so I will definitely be watching them closely.


I AM MOVING TUESDAY !!! I really can't explain how excited I am for this move. 2020 has ended up being a crazy year for me at home, with a lot more trips than expected. I started out in a roommate in Notting Hill, but when the pandemic hit we each decided to go our own way (everyone needs to take care of him this year!). I ended up at my home in Richmond which gave me a unique opportunity to save money and spend time outside of central London. I always knew this move wasn't permanent, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to save on rent for a few months. My time in Richmond made me realize that I don't need to live in the center to have a wonderful experience in London - in fact, after more than two years living in central London (and five years in the downtown New York!), Richmond offered me a much needed escape from the city. I didn't realize how much I would love to live with more space and greenery until I had it.

I like to think that things have a way to work the way they were supposed to, and I really believe that it is for me and for this next step. Living in Richmond made me realize that I don't want to go back to the center (at least not yet). After looking at what looked like hundreds of apartments in West London, I found the perfect one for me - and it's close to where I live now, so I already know the area, this which is a huge plus. It's a room all to myself, and I couldn't be more excited about this next chapter in my life. On stories from a few weeks ago, I asked you if you had any questions about moving to London, so I'll answer the most frequently asked questions below!

Q: What were the essentials in your apartment?
A: To be honest, I didn't have too many must-haves because I didn't want to go into research with a narrow mind. The things I knew I needed were a safe street and neighborhood, less than a ten minute walk to a nice main street (with shops like Waitrose, Boots, cute cafes, etc.), lots of natural light and lots of storage space. Bonus points for me (but not essential) were a dishwasher, hardwood floors throughout, modern kitchen and bathroom, less than ten minutes from a train and private outdoor space. The apartment I found actually has all of the above, which I am still blown away !!

Q: What website or app did you use for your research?
A: RightMove! It's a great site to use as a starting point, and you can apply many different filters to only see apartments that meet all of your needs. I also liked looking directly at real estate agent websites as I found they sometimes had newer listings but found the apartment I'm moving into next week on RightMove!

Q: Which neighborhoods have you looked in? Which neighborhoods do you recommend for an extended stay in London?
A: I have searched West London - mainly Chiswick, Richmond, St. Margarets, Hampton Wick etc. I'm not straying too far from where I am now! As for neighborhood recommendations, it's hard for me to give them without knowing more about what you're looking for, your budget, etc. I would say if budget isn't an issue South Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge or Marylebone would be great places to visit for a temporary stay (as I imagine you want to be very central!).

Q: Best moving / packing advice?
A: I like to start my packaging process with all of my fragile items like glass frames, dishes and decorations. Wrapping these items requires more effort as you need to bubble wrap it and make sure it is stored securely to avoid damage. Clothes are the easiest to pack as you can just put them in a box, suitcase or even a trash bag if you run out of boxes (lol) which is a lot easier to do at the end of a long day. packing. I really recommend starting with the hardest things when you have the most energy!

Q: How does the rental price in London compare to that in New York?
A: I would say it's a little more affordable than NYC. My apartment in Chelsea was in a hip, affluent neighborhood (I would compare it to the West Village or SoHo), and we paid about the same rent as living in Midtown NYC, with a lot more updated amenities. in London flat. I also have a friend who lives in Brooklyn and shares an apartment with another girl, and she pays more than me for my new place (and I have a single room). I would by no means say living in London is cheap, but compared to New York I found it more affordable.

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10 days before polling day !! This is your friendly reminder to come out and vote. Every one of our voices counts in this election, so triple check that you are registered and go get the sticker “I voted”.


  • Ariana Grande dropped a new single today!
  • Mercury is retrograde right now - ugh. Find out what this could mean for you here.
  • This gnocchi recipe comes highly recommended by a friend.
  • Reading this list items to dispose of as soon as possible to declutter before you start packing!

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