Russell Wilson: From Under to Over Cooked
"Leave Russ Cook" became a LITERAL battle cry among the Seahawks and Russell wilson fans after years of watching a self-defeating mental numbing offense. Pete Carroll's running mentality is something he has pursued throughout his career. And while in the short term, it gave us moments like the "Beastquake", it spoiled some of Russell Wilson's […]

"Leave Russ Cook" became a LITERAL battle cry among the Seahawks and Russell wilson fans after years of watching a self-defeating mental numbing offense. Pete Carroll's running mentality is something he has pursued throughout his career. And while in the short term, it gave us moments like the "Beastquake", it spoiled some of Russell Wilson's prime and had a negative impact on my sanity. There are only a limited number of 2 and 10 transfers for a loss of one that I can watch.

As the 2020 season approached, the majority of the league were first switching to an assist, often shifting mentality, while Pete seemed stubborn to change. Be tied for the 13th hardest schedule almost assuredly meant another season of stress and anxiety.

We didn't know much ...

Seattle would exit Week One not only with a win over the Falcons, but with the second-highest rate of "The first descents pass the frequency". A trend that will continue throughout the season, causing the MVP buzz around Wilson.

Seahawks fans no longer watched the offense run, run, pass the ball in a punt. Russell Wilson would no longer take the backseat of the attack as if he was Blake bortles. Pete Carroll finally realized he had one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game on his roster. Armed with DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, And one improved offensive line, they average a maximum of 34 points per game in the NFL and had the first total offense.

(Photo by Alika Jenner / Getty Images)

A trend that has also continued this season, however, is the flat INTEGRITY of his defense. Heading into the Week 10 game against the Los Angeles Rams, Seattle had the 32nd ranked defense by ESPN. They are the last against the pass, the top five against the run (which doesn't even matter), allowing 30 points per game, appear to be getting worse and starting to affect Russell Wilson's play.

Russ is done

This defense's chances of capturing a likeness of mediocrity slowly fade into the distance with Wilson's MVP chances. Russell Wilson is 1-3 in his last four games with nine total turnovers. Against the Rams, Wilson threw the ugliest interception I've seen in his nine year career.

In the last four games, Russell Wilson has averaged 322 passing yards, 3 touchdowns and the offense is scoring 30 points. Unfortunately, his sad defense over the same period allows 33 points per game. If you take Wilson's rushing yards, the team averages 75 rushing yards. Add his scorching numbers, they average 118. When people said “let's leave Russ Cook” they didn't mean carrying the WHOLE organization. And Wilson is not stupid

He can see that his defense cannot stop a nosebleed. He takes the field in each game knowing that he must score a minimum of 30 points. He knows it forced him to play hero and try things he shouldn't. Watching him against the Rams… he looks tired.

What could have been ...

Sitting tied for first place in the NFC West, the Seahawks 6-3 await their Thursday night showdown against the Cardinals, and I can't help but think about what could have been. How many championships could the Seahawks have won if they maxed out Russell Wilson earlier? Since 2012 Seattle had five top-five defenses and seven top-15 defenses. Wilson had been ranked by Pro Football Focus among the top 15 quarterbacks in the nine years of his career, and in the top six in seven of nine. Yet they did not get out of the divisional tower since 2014.

Russell Wilson is a Hall of Fame quarterback in the first round of voting, and for Pete Carroll for allowing him to "cook" only after their defense became the worst in the league is a stain on his resume. The only thing that keeps the Seahawks relevant is “Mr. Unlimited ”himself, Russell Carrington Wilson.

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