As the end of the year approached, I had to take my annual getaway which still happens to be the Maldives. I know shocking, right? Haha This time I booked my hotel stay at...

As the end of the year approached, I had to take my annual getaway which still happens to be the Maldives. I know shocking, right? Haha

This time I booked my hotel stay at the newly opened Westin Maldives Miriandho Resort which was a real treat using my Bonvoy Marriott Mastercard which I will come back to later! I rested and the staff were a pleasure. It's like a small family and I love how they all knew my name and all my likes and dislikes.

I spent 3 nights in the beach villa which was really spacious and had a private pool, tub and outdoor shower and spent all those days barefoot and loved it!

The bed itself was extremely comfortable, it was like sleeping in the clouds. If you were a beach person and just want to get out of your villa and go straight to the beautiful sand and ocean, I highly recommend it.


We had a choice of 3 options. The first was The Island Kitchen where we had breakfast and lunch. I cannot stress the extent of the variety of food available. From burgers to pizza and pasta, Chinese to Indian… you name it and it was there!

The Pearl was another of my favorites. This is the more sophisticated option where you will need to book in advance to secure a place. It's a Japanese restaurant and honestly one of my favorites. They had just stolen from two of the best Japanese chefs to reset the menu and take over the cooking for the past 3 weeks and I was happy to be able to catch them on their last day there.

Hawker is another of my favorites ... it's basically an Asian street food restaurant ... it has such a cold vibe and your feet are in the sand and the chef was so good! I had the Nasi Goreng seafood and this is another of my favorite dishes ... if you haven't tried it I highly suggest you do like now!

Here is a bonus for you. Yes I mentioned that there were only 3 restaurants but that doesn't mean that is all they have .. each night they had a different theme that night and the one of the nights I was there they had a welcome cocktail at the Sunset Bar and on my last night they had a traditional Maldivian buffet which was amazing!

A special request? Yes, they do too. I had a floating breakfast in my room and also heard they had a couple having a romantic dinner in the middle of the ocean. I mean, whatever you need, they will try their best to make it happen!


For those who follow me on Instagram, I might have heard of this before but it's honestly the best thing you can ask for if you're a traveler like me!

The Marriott Bonvoy Card which can be purchased at Emirates NBD is your best travel companion, just by signing up you will automatically get a bonus of 150,000 points which can be redeemed for a 2 night stay at the Westin Maldives Resort. That's not all, you can redeem your points at over 7000 hotels around the world, you can also transfer miles with over 40 airlines and access over 900+ airport lounges and airport transfers in UAE.

With the Emirates NBD Marriot Bonvoy World Mastercard you can get free Gold Elite status and receive a 2pm late checkout, I don't know about you guys, but love a late checkout!

Finally, once you renew your card every year, you can exchange it for a free night for a birthday… now tell me I didn't convince you to go get a card just yet?

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