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Activate your JavaScript to view the content You guys know it The confidential skinny it's being the best version of yourself. You are in control of your life and transforming your life is very...

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You guys know it The confidential skinny it's being the best version of yourself. You are in control of your life and transforming your life is very possible. Maybe not easy, but definitely possible.

In this article, we'll hear from Topsie VandenBosch, a mindset coach. She's going to share some tips on how to start transforming your life and breaking negative thought patterns.

I met for the first time Topsie VandenBosch when she called me on Instagram. It is true. She called me.

She came right into my DMs and told me she wanted to see more black women on my platforms. We went into an entire conversation to discuss her suggestions and I completely agree with her.

After talking to Topsie for a while, we became friends. We've been following each other on Instagram for a while, but we never really got to know each other. She was bold, confident and shameless herself. All the things I love.

So we had been chatting for a while and I asked Topsie to introduce us The confidential skinny him and her Podcast. The pitch she sent was ICONIC. It was crisp, smart and the pitch of someone who NEEDED to be on the podcast.

But I also wanted her to come to the blog to talk about being a life / mindset coach, tips for changing your life (if that's where you are at), what it means to be anti-racist and its routines. morning and evening.

If you don't know Topsie, she's a mindset coach and mental health therapist. Right now, she is focused on providing courses for business owners and helping people break negative thought patterns. So excited because she shares some transformations from her clients.

Let's go with Topsie.


Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential community. We want your whole story!

Topsie VandenBosch: My name is Topsie VandenBosch. I am a proud first generation, Nigerian American. I have lived in 2 other states (New York and Maryland, and I currently live in Michigan, where I have lived most of my life).

Soon my husband and I will make California our permanent home. We are delighted and we are preparing for it. I have 2 younger sisters, a niece and my husband is of Dutch and Italian descent who is a primary care physician.

You were recently on The Skinny Confidential podcast where you shared a lot about your career. Can you tell us more?

TV: Yes! I am a registered clinical mental health therapist with a degree in social work. I have chosen to use it primarily to provide individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and couples therapy. I have worked with and in every population under the sun: those struggling with drug addiction, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, juvenile justice as well as the adult prison system.

Currently I have just closed my mental health therapy practice after about 4 years and will be focusing exclusively on my online coaching business, which has exploded since I started coaching in 2017.

What does it take to rebuild someone's life and be their life coach?

TV: Hmmm. I don't see myself as being in the process of rebuilding their lives. I consider it a team approach to discussing how best to achieve client goals, whether in business or personal, and using evidence-based coaching methods to do so.

The client is the expert in their life - I'm just here to help uncover and uncover what kept them from achieving their goals. The coaching industry is unregulated (which has its pros and cons, of course) and so if you have a problem that you can help clients solve through coaching, GO FOR IT!

What are 3 steps someone can take to “act now” when it comes to changing their life?

TV: 1. Find out what your "why" is. If you don't understand what your motivation is then it will be difficult to make any kind of change.

2. Consider what the gap is (what you are missing) and then what you want to change.

3. Start somewhere. Don't get stuck. Start researching, reading, listening to podcasts, hiring mentors, buying classes. In the “do”, this is where you will find out what your next steps should be. It will happen naturally, but it takes time, patience, and focused action. However, that won't happen if you get stuck.

What transformations have you seen and how has this person changed?

TV: There are 2 transformations that I would like to share.

A client hired me as a mindset coach to help them with the impostor syndrome they were experiencing by being able to help their clients make money in online entrepreneurship.

We worked together, discussed the appropriate mindset strategy she would need to deal with this emotion, and through this process the client found out that they didn't want to be a coach at all. They actually wanted to provide email marketing services to online business owners. When they made that change, everything turned around. They are now making more money than they ever dreamed of and feel so fulfilled.

There was another client who hired me recently to solve their mindset issue to assert themselves and sell their services online. Fast forward two months to working with me, she was able to triple the investment she made in deciding to work with me. This happened because she got down to business, practiced the mindset strategies we discussed, and gained more confidence in the process than she could ever have dreamed of.

In the podcast, you talked a lot about what it means to be anti-racist. Can you expand on this for the blog and share your thoughts?

TV: Anti-racism is where whites and non-black POCs (people of color) engage in actions against anti-racism and the systemic oppression of those who are marginalized in society (Black, Indigenous, POC) .

From the inception of this world, it is evident that systemic racism has always been present, and it has affected laws, prisons, the justice system, workplace standards and practices - literally every facet of society. . It is no longer enough that whites and non-black POCs are not "racist" - they must be actively anti-racist.

It can mean finding opportunities to advocate for those who are marginalized, going to rallies, making donations, educating racist family members, calling for racism, recognizing the privilege of whites that is rampant in society, reading and learn about the plight of blacks in America. this is not an exhaustive list, but they are starting points when you are on the road to fighting racism.

White privilege doesn't mean that white folx haven't suffered or experienced hard times - it just means that their skin color in society has given them the privileges that blacks and other POCs have. do not have. It is an invisible cloak of protection against racist policies and not having to worry about racism because of the color of your skin, being able to buy bandages in your complexion etc.

White folx benefit from a system that continually oppresses blacks and POCs - and that is not a cause for shame. It is simply a reason for the white folx to act upon knowing this information.

If you are reading this and want to know more, a book that can get you started on your journey: Me and white supremacy (Layla F. Sayaad). Also follow anti-racism educators online or on Instagram, such as @ rachel.cargle, @moemotivate, @iamrachelricketts to name a few.

In order to dismantle the system of oppression that preceded slavery, the white folx will have to do the job of becoming true anti-racists - which is a journey without price, without distinction, and without recognition. The oppressed do not have to dismantle a system they did not build. But despite this knowledge, you should still do this work, for no one is free until we are ALL free.

If someone is out there and wants to get educated, is Google the right place to start?

TV: Yes. In addition to following anti-racism educators on Instagram, such as @ rachel.cargle, @moemotivate, @iamrachelricketts, & BUY their work. Invest in their work. Do not continue to contribute to the system by not investing in the work of BIPOC which does this work tirelessly.

As people open their eyes, learn and grow, tell us about a positive experience you have had in recent times. Something that made you smile.

TV: Be invited to speak The confidential skinny, duh, has been a dream of mine since I started listening to you years ago. Never abandon your dreams. Tell them about existence. And that's how.

What is bothering you that you cannot control and how have you changed your attitude and state of mind?

TV: Having to suddenly move to California and put my house up for sale - LOL completely unplanned. I allowed myself to feel emotions. I validated my emotions. I treated him with friends. And then I reframed my thoughts around the move!

Can you share your morning routine and rituals?

TV: It goes like this…

+ Look in the mirror and tell me I'm so sexy and beautiful. LOL.

+ Use my followers jade scroll & under the eyes rollerblading.

+ I listen to podcasts while dressing ( The confidential skinny HE SHE, The bitch bible, and the real crime modules are rotating okurrttt).

+ I use squalane oil by Biossance or Marula Oil by Drunk Elephant.

+ Twerk every day. LOL.

Routine and nightly rituals?

TV: For the night…

+ I listen to podcasts to relax (sleepy podcasts).

+ Look at Schitt's Creek.

+ If I haven't worn makeup that day (normal for me during my forties) I use micellar water to cleanse my skin, so witch hazel toner, then squalane oil by Biossance, and a lip balm for the night (my favorite right now is The snow ). To learn more about this insane lip mask, track this message.

Where can everyone find you? Tell us about your lessons.

TV: Classes:

+ Kill your impostor, monster

+ Escape the thought Spiral (for online entrepreneurs)

+ Follow me @topsievandenbosch on Instagram!


Hope you loved this post. Topsie's podcast episode is such a good one, so be sure to listen to it if you haven't already. She talks about anti-racism, educating yourself to be a better person, the mindset for entrepreneurs and breaking down mental walls.

And be sure to consult his courses also, especially if you are an entrepreneur. Topsie can help you reach your goals with a plan of action to create a better life.

x, lauryn

+ how to do collect your shit but keep your wild side.

++ 7 anti-racism books.


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