Window Treatment Dilemmas: How I’m Solving Them in Every Space
I have to admit that these last few weeks of our #CasaCamille reno feel like they've been hanging out. When we got back from Malibu in early October, the house was a construction zone,...

I have to admit that these last few weeks of our #CasaCamille reno feel like they've been hanging out. When we got back from Malibu in early October, the house was a construction zone, so I went a little crazy trying to put it all together, quickly. Within a few weeks things were going pretty well… but then it was time for the infamous punch list. All the little bits and pieces that needed to be attached, from touching up the plaster to fixing our wire plumbing, to the electricity to light up our new open shelves. It's the little details that can make it feel like an afterthought, but end up taking up space to the next level.

One of those last details that can make or break a room? Window treatments - and it's often the decor details that intimidate people the most (including me) ... because they're pretty easy to mess up.

When Adam and I built our house over ten years ago, I had no idea how to approach blinds and curtains throughout the house, especially when it came to our huge windows and doors. steel in the main living space. I ended up asking an interior designer friend what she was thinking, then ordered the closest curtains I could find. They've been standing ever since, and I've often thought - they're fine, but they could be better.

I'm so happy to team up with Graber to help me nail window treatments throughout our home this time around. From choosing materials that match my aesthetic, to helping me think through the functionality of what we need in each space (living room or bedroom, etc.), the team has been incredibly helpful in helping me. to build a vision for the windows of our house. . Ever since I heard from you guys that the idea of ​​DIYing your window treatments stressed out a lot of you as much as I did, I wanted to share the process, from start to finish, of working with blinds and curtains. custom company like Graber. From a "viewer»Which allows you to virtually try on window treatments in your own space, IRL Expert which can help you go through the process from start to finish, it has been a pretty dreamy process so far. And now, I can't wait to see the products we have chosen in space.

But for now, my inspiration for a few key areas of the house. Scroll down to see what I'm planning for each space, and stay tuned for a little window 101 treatment and the reveal of our upcoming finished spaces. In other words, if this punch list never happens.

The living room

Atmosphere: Warm, simple, open, airy minimalism.

Practical considerations: The centerpiece of this space is the large wall of steel doors which open onto our back patio. I wanted to soften the harsh lines of the doors without losing any of the openness or natural light.

Window treatment solution: 4 sheer white curtain panels that can be left open for smoothness around the edges, or closed for a more comfortable feel that lets in light. Why divide it into 4 panels instead of 2 bigger ones? When we open the steel doors, I love the way the white sails blow in the breeze. The separation between the panels allows more movement.

fabric sample shown above: Handcrafted drapery from Graber: Tuzee Collection, Color: White

* inspiration image: Amy bartlam; design: throw creative

Bed and Breakfast

Atmosphere: Beachy with a touch of bohemianism.

Practical considerations: With its woven materials and beach-inspired artwork, this room in the house gives the most literal nod to the ocean vibe I love so much. So I wanted our window treatments to reflect this, with light and airy natural materials. The only thing is that I also want our guests to sleep like babies which means the ability to totally block the light at bedtime.

Window treatment solution: A combination of natural Graber shades (they are sustainably sourced and hand-woven) and sheer white curtains to frame each window. During the day we will have that blowing outdoor feeling ... and at night the natural undertones will keep it cozy, while also feeling beachy and cool with its neutral, textured finish. Each of the natural shades is handmade, so they have that unique earthy look that I love. Since natural shades don't totally block out the light, I'll be ordering them with liners, which Graber lets you customize for exactly the opacity you're looking for based on the space.

fabric samples shown above: Natural shades Tradewinds, Moniz collection, Color: Finland // Handcrafted drapery from Graber: Tuzee Collection, Color: White

* inspiration image: Julie Soefer Photography for Marie Flanigan interiors

Our bedroom

Atmosphere: Neutral and comfortable with all hygge feels.

Practical considerations: We have a huge cantilever bay window which is a centerpiece of the room, but creates an awkward 3-sided shading situation. And since I'm one of those people who need total dark in order to get a good night's sleep, I am determined to find a solution that will do this in an aesthetically clean and simple way. We used to have heavy blackout curtains that could be drawn over the entire window panel at night, but it kind of closed the room and made the window look cramped. It's definitely the trickiest space, and I'm relying heavily on our Graber team to help me craft a game plan.

Window treatment solution: 3 on order roller blinds that will fit perfectly into each panel of the bay window. Each fabric comes in different opacities, from transparency to darkening, so we were able to choose a real room darkening option. We will have a contoured white flange (the little box that contains the roll) which will basically disappear during the day, then at night we will achieve the blackout effect without closing our cozy little corner to the rest of the room. The icing on the cake is that these nuances will integrate Graber's motorized functionality. We'll hook it up to an app on our phone and program it so that when it's time to turn off the lights, the shades will slowly drop automatically. You start to sleep ...

fabric sample shown above: Handcrafted drapery from Graber: Tuzee Collection, Color: White

inspirational image found here, original source unknown.

Adam's Office

Atmosphere: Clean, streamlined and productive.

Practical considerations: There are three large windows in Adam's office. He loves having lots of natural light and have a clear view of the front yard to see when people are driving. But when he's working deep on a computer or on a zoom call, he needs light filtering to minimize glare on his screen.

Window treatment solution: Solar shades that let beautiful filtered light into the space while minimizing glare during Adam's labor - and can provide privacy while still allowing a view to the outside. They roll up to be super subtle and contoured when not in use, and sheer white curtains soften the front window and provide comfort (and shield furniture and art from UV rays.)

fabric samples shown above: Handcrafted drapery from Graber: Tuzee Collection, Color: White


As you can see above, I had a lot thoughts on the look, feel and functionality of our window treatments. But when it came to taking precise measurements on blinds, draperies and hardware, luckily Graber's team took the reins. It's such a burden for me not to have to worry about getting a measurement a bit wrong and making a (costly) mistake that ultimately won't work on the final installation.

Next, we'll share our tips for choosing window treatments for difficult spaces and how to pair blinds and curtains for a design-driven look.

inspirational image by Melissa Oholendt for Emily henderson

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