Working From Home Tips to Help Boost Your WFH Energy
Hands up if you're working from home right now? * I'm here with mine *! If I had asked this question just 12 months ago, I'm sure there would be fraction hands currently in the air. Today? Working from home has become the norm for millions more people. There is no doubt that “work at […]

Work from home |  The Elgin Avenue Blog

Hands up if you're working from home right now? * I'm here with mine *! If I had asked this question just 12 months ago, I'm sure there would be fraction hands currently in the air. Today? Working from home has become the norm for millions more people. There is no doubt that “work at home tips” have been sought out A LOT once, by newbies and newbies alike. If you are new here friend, welcome to the WFH club!

I have worked from home for most of my career, spending only a few stints here and there in offices.

When I started working from home I struggled to feel isolated and lacking in routine. But over time, and I got into my WFH rhythm, my productivity and happiness at work and at home improved. Many.

While the 2020 version of working from home for me had some restrictions, my work life hasn't changed much in the wake of COVID-19. Something that i am Great grateful for.

That being said, I still get spells when my energy when working from home is best described as "blah." A completely greige energy level. Ha! Have you been there too ?!

If you need a boost of energy for your life at the WFH, I hope today's blog can help!

Read on for five ways to refresh your energy if you're working from home. . .

5 ways to refresh your

energy if you work from home

Work from home |  The Elgin Avenue Blog

  1. 'Cleanse' your space of negative energy

    If you have listened Let's Discuss Podcast Episode 77you will have heard me tell Ella that I walked in recently Palo Santo. Otherwise known as Holy Wood.

    If you've heard of it sage smudge, the practice of using Palo Santo is not too different.

    To use Palo Santo, all you need to do is light the wood (which is the same size as the kindling), let it burn for about 30 seconds, and then blow it out. You then use the smoke to 'cleanse' your area of ​​any unwanted energy and welcome good energy in its place.

    Pay special attention to doors, windows and the corners of your room.

    Ever since I've been doing this in my own house, I feel like I'm getting rid of a “weird juju”. I felt like I was starting over.

    If you feel like the energy in your home office has also stalled, and no matter how many times you open the windows to change the air, it will not stop, maybe try Palo Santo too?

    If burning Palo Santo in its wood form doesn't float your boat, you can take a shortcut by purchasing one of Lord Home's Amazing Scents. Palo Santo | Patchouli candles. Or you can try a Palo Santo oil.

    Let me know how you are! I would love to hear from you if you try this.

  2. Reshape your workspace

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    When working from home, it's important to keep your space cool. Especially when it's not easy (or possible) to get out of your home office for a coffee break or a change of scenery.

    If you work from home and need a boost of energy, let me tell you, you deserve a comfortable and convenient space with good vibrations to work in!

    If you haven't already, you need to allocate a “space” to work from. Be that a corner corner, part of your kitchen table or a guest room.

    Now give your workspace a tidy and clean up. You know, the kind where you get rid of things, categorize things, and generally channel all the Netflix-home-show atmosphere! There is nothing like a good decluttering and good storage to boost your energy.

    Then if you need additional work items - a great ergonomic chair (my favorites are by Worship furniture), laptop stand, desk lamp - close this tab and go shopping! You need your workspace to work and with you. And so it's somewhere you can't wait to go.

    The non-essential things I like to have on hand:

    - a nice cup ~ mine are mainly from Anthropology.
    - a framed photo of Oli and me ~ I just got one Addison ross what I like!
    - amazing smelling hand cream ~ I use Molton brown. use code DISC10 for 10% off. General conditions here.
    - candles ~ I like Lord Home. Use the code SLOWBURN for 10% off.
    - slipper socks! I have to stay comfortable.

  3. Schedule your exercises and spend time outdoors

    Wellness Habits for a Happy and Healthy New Year  The Elgin Avenue Blog

    Don't repeat on this one! It makes ALL of the difference in the level of energy you feel when working from home.

    It's something I've struggled with a lot this year. Not having a gym had an impact on how often I exercise (read: at a minimum), as well as limiting the `` other places '' I head to in the day.

    Luckily, a new gym just opened near my home and I signed up right away. It's only been about a week, but already it feels so good to move my body again and break my work days by going somewhere other than home.

    If you can't make it to a gym, or if you don't feel comfortable attending, try your best to consider certain exercises.

    I admit I haven't found home sport appealing historically, but the other day I signed up for a live barre class and it was amazing! Knowing that I had to be there at some point, that meant I had responsibilities, so I properly factored this into my day.

    I booked my class through Louisa Drake Method website, which offers many classes at a reasonable price. My barre class was led by a lovely instructor called Lydia, and I really felt like I had a spring in my step all day!

    And let's not forget the good old vitamin D. At this time of year, our daylight hours are significantly shorter in the northern hemisphere, making it harder for vitamin D to be absorbed naturally. If and when you can, go out and "turn your face to the sun". Whenever I need to boost my energy, a walk does the trick! Plus, it's a great fun way to catch up with friends - in person or by walking and talking on the phone.

    I also increase my vitamin D levels by using a supplement. If you think you need to have your vitamin D levels tested, you can contact your GP or naturopath. I had mine tested when I visited Maas Clinic.

    You can find out more about my experience with functional and integrative medicine here.

  4. Take an Ashwaganda supplement

    Work from home |  The Elgin Avenue Blog

    If you are reading this and thinking "Ash-wa-what" ?! I was VERY much there a short time ago. But I kept hearing about Ashwaganda and adaptogens and decided to give it a try. Now I'm so glad I did!

    Ashwaganda is an ancient adaptogenic herb, which can be taken as a supplement to help you manage stress and anxiety.

    Adaptogens - as the name suggests - adapt to your needs. In the case of Ashwaganda, if you are under stress and your body is producing excess cortisol, taking Ashwaganda can help lower those cortisol levels.

    I started to take Link Nutrition Ashwaganda Supplements a few weeks ago, and I noticed a positive difference.

    It is not a panacea. But I felt that taking Ashwaganda helped me feel calmer. Stress doesn't seem so urgent. Its effect on me was a lot like meditation.

    If you've noticed that your energy level has dropped while working at home recently, or you're feeling anxious, try exploring Ashwaganda and see if it's okay for you.

    You can listen Calmer You Podcast Episode 123, by Chloe Brotheridge, for more on the subject as well.

  5. Use timers for targeted work blocks

    Do you know the saying "act how you want to feel"? If you want to feel more energetic when working from home, bring more energy to the table, even if you have to fake it a bit!

    When I need a burst of energy, I set a short timer and feed through a "block" of time. I rule out all distractions (email, phone, social media) and focus only on the task at hand during that set amount of time. Usually once the timer goes off I'm focused enough to hit `` snooze '' and move on to another block of time.

    Bonus tip!

    Work from home |  The Elgin Avenue Blog

    Move! If your energy levels drop while working at your desk, switch things up and get some work done from your couch. Or somewhere else in your house. Sometimes just changing where you work can bring new energy to your job.


If you are working from home and need to cool off, I hope these tips can help. Basically I'm getting back to my health. Home. Pushing. principle over and over again. If your energy at work is low, is it because your energy has generally declined?

More often than not, when I'm in a strange workspace, it's because I'm in a strange personal space. Whether it's because I'm stressed, tired, PMT, whatever. 2020 has thrown us all A LOT, so if you're feeling off balance, maybe take a step back and get a feel for what's going on, on a bigger scale?

If your WFH environment is messy and uncomfortable, move on to tidying up! But if that's because you generally feel 'blah', just let go, get through the night early, and readjust your priorities as best you can. You first. Your home and the WFH environment second. Work third.

The work part will go much easier when you have the energy to give it.

What is your opinion?

How do you find life at the WFH? Do you have any tips or tricks that you have used to increase your energy level?

I would love to hear from you!

Love, Monica x

Photograph by Charlotte bryer-ash

Work from home |  The Elgin Avenue Blog

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