bitchy | Prince William apparently can’t believe ‘The Crown’ would dredge up the past…??
Piers Morgan had a predictable hissing fit about The Crown Season 4. I wouldn't even make it sound, but I read his entire rant and found a few sections that were quite interesting. Piers actually complimented the season and said it was a big drama, although he (of course) stung for historical precision. The monarchy […]

Meghan Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, Prince William, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge at the Royal Air Force 100th Anniversary, Buckingham Palace, London, UK Tuesday July 10th 2018

Piers Morgan had a predictable hissing fit about The Crown Season 4. I wouldn't even make it sound, but I read his entire rant and found a few sections that were quite interesting. Piers actually complimented the season and said it was a big drama, although he (of course) stung for historical precision. The monarchy and royal commentary really think they are doing 'death by a thousand cuts of paper' on a prestigious Netflix series, when they are just promoting it and getting more people to watch it. But! Piers explicitly cites a "royal source" close to Prince William about the series, which is the closest I've seen to any commentary from Kensington Palace. So far Buckingham Palace and Clarence House have just controlled the damage on how they mistreated Diana. Piers also makes a completely complicated argument about Prince Harry, which I also include:

Are the royals glowing ?? No wonder the Royals are glowing there. Prince William, in particular, is said to be furious at the way his parents are "exploited" and "presented in a false and simplistic way to make money". A royal source close to him told newspapers: 'In this case it is dragging things that happened during very difficult times 25 or 30 years ago without thinking of anyone's feelings. It is neither fair nor just, especially when so much of the depicted does not represent the truth.

Harry doesn't seem to share William's point of view: In fact, far from being outraged that Netflix is ​​making a fortune denigrating royals like this, Harry's response has been to join his wife Meghan in making their own massive multi-million dollar deal with them. In doing so, Harry is literally accepting money obtained by humiliating his own family, especially his own mother whose experience he constantly draws from the press to demand greater deference for his wife Meghan. And now, as a storm of controversy grows over this horribly hypocritical decision, he has closed his eyes, stuck his hands over his ears, and buried himself in the sands of Santa Barbara in the desperate hope that no one will notice. the surprisingly dual nature of his behavior… If Harry had no more integrity left, he would tear up his Netflix contract right away and apologize to his family for colluding with the enemy in some way. also unpleasant. But he won't.

[From The Daily Mail]

The quote from a source close to William is so ridiculous, I actually believe it * came * from William! "How dare Netflix create a popular, acclaimed and award-winning series about my family of public figures, WHAT ARE MY FEELINGS?" As for what Piers said about Harry ... "Harry literally accepts money by humiliating his own family…" Piers literally makes HIS money by humiliating and messing up members of the Royal Family, so what's his point? That's what I don't understand about royal commentators all having hissing fits over The Crown - Peter Morgan is only dramatizing the same stories and narratives that have run the royal press kit for decades. It's crazy.

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, of Great Britain, speak to employers at London Bridge Jobcentre, London


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