The Most Searched Wines In Every State
There is something special about wine. Whether you end the working day with a glass of Chianti while you cook or sipping on crispy Chardonnay at your favorite restaurant, just opening the bottle gives...

There is something special about wine. Whether you end the working day with a glass of Chianti while you cook or sipping on crispy Chardonnay at your favorite restaurant, just opening the bottle gives a feeling of celebration. To determine which types of wines are most popular - from Merlot to Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc to Zinfandel - we decided to find out which wines across the country are frequently looking for. See how your favorite wine compares.

When it comes to the most sought-after type of wine in every state, Cabernet Sauvignon dominates the map. The full-bodied red pairs well with umami flavors such as mushrooms and beef. Merlot was a top choice in nine states, and a few unexpected wines made appearances: North Dakotans and Mississippians searched the most Muscat (a dessert wine), Oregonians for Pinot Noir, West Virginians for It's okay (a Spanish sparkling wine), and Mainers for Harbor (a fortified sweet red wine from Portugal).

Merlot, smooth and slightly more fruity than Cab, is in second place in much of the country. Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir dominate a handful of states. Missourians were looking for Moscato - the Italian name for Muscat.

Pinot Noir is the third most sought after wine across the country, but a few surprises arise: Residents of Wyoming seek Cabernet Franc, Washingtonians seek Shiraz, and Oregonians seek port. Chardonnay dominates the fourth place.

The three most sought-after wines in the United States are red. Cabernet Sauvignon is No. 1 by a fairly wide margin, while Merlot comes in second and Pinot Noir in third. Next is Chardonnay, and the sweet Moscato / Muscat dessert wine takes fifth and sixth places.

While the top few choices might not surprise wine lovers, some of the results are interesting. Port (generally considered an acquired taste) is the seventh most sought after wine, and sweet dessert wines are very popular. It's not just red and white either: rosé wine takes 16th place. And some search terms, such as "Zinfandel", may refer to red or White wine.


You don't have to know everything about wine to enjoy an occasional drink. Ask for recommendations, attend a wine tasting, or venture out on a wine tour with friends, and soon you'll find out exactly what you love. Although no one has ever claimed that alcohol is 100% healthy, new studies often emerge regarding the health benefits of wine: for example, Red wine It has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and mortality, among other benefits. New studies show White wine can be just as good. It's something to raise your glass - well done!



By analyzing 23 wine terms on Google Search Trends from 2004 to 2015, we determined the most searched wine types in each state and the United States as a whole.

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