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It's The Wine Wankers annual Christmas gift buying guide for the person in your life who loves wine more than their own children (you know who you are!). Conrad and I (Drew) hate traditional Christmas gift guides, which is why you'll find the unconventional, must-have and freakin expensive items #winegiftporn - how can you go […]

It's The Wine Wankers annual Christmas gift buying guide for the person in your life who loves wine more than their own children (you know who you are!). Conrad and I (Drew) hate traditional Christmas gift guides, which is why you'll find the unconventional, must-have and freakin expensive items #winegiftporn - how can you go wrong ?!

And if nothing here catches your eye, you can check out last year here, List 2016 here, and list of 2015 here!

Let us know for what gift you will be harassing your loved ones, in the comments section below.

FYI - The Wine Wankers haven't received any financial consideration from any of these gift givers, we really love them!

Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder: because drinking wine on the sofa is overrated! Buy it here ($ 18)

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Medical wine bracelet: you know this aunt who drinks too much wine. Sorted gift!

Melodia Wine Box audio system: Move over Sonos, because Italians have brought together beautiful music and wine in one beautiful creation. Buy it here (350.00 - 450.00€)

VSpin Wine Aeration decanter: You are not drunk - because there is a tornado in your Spiegelau wine decanter! Wine Wankers are big fans of this innovation and have been using it for 12 months. Not only does the VSpin actually work, gently decanting a wine and improving flavor in minutes, it's a huge talking point when you're dragging it to dinner. Four minutes equals four hours of settling! Buy it here ($ 200)

Myrcene Hemp Gin, (Cannabis infused Gin): This Australian company has just launched the world's first gin distilled using cannabis terpenes. You were warned! According to the company, "Used in high concentrations like this, terpenes are an increasingly sought-after product due to their therapeutic value in health and wellness dietary supplements. When cannabis is used for its health-promoting properties, it works best as a whole herbal therapy containing more than just isolated cannabinoids. Holy shit - it's also a health elixr. Sign me up! Buy it here. ($ 99)

Puik Hat wine cellar: One of my pets hates wine that is served too cold. If you leave your wine in a bucket of ice after it has reached temperature, you are killing off the delicate flavors that the winemaker worked so hard to produce; an ice-free wine cooler is different - it preserves the current temperature of the wine.

The Dutch design team behind Puik made the wine cooler out of foam, which is great for insulating, and while it looks expensive, it isn't. Buy it here. (€ 25.00)

Sparkling Sparkling Wine Making Kit: what could go wrong when you decide to make your own homemade sparkling wine and bottle it with six pressure bars in your bathroom! Exactly - at least it's not as risky as a home methamphetamine lab! Buy it here.

Alissia Melka-Teichroew's modern champagne glass for Charles and Marie: Who cares if these champagne glasses look like they're rocking with a light touch - they're gorgeous! Buy it here (55 € each)

HaloVino Disposable Wine Glasses: Here's a cheap Christmas stocking. a portable, splash and splash resistant, outdoor suitable and stackable wine glass that optimizes taste. Buy it here ($ 10 for a six pack)

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Oversized Christmas Ornaments Filled with Smirnoff Vodka - why should you be the only one lit on Christmas day - now your tree can too! Available anywhere in the United States for $ 13 (750 ml bottle)

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Turn your dog into a four-legged sommelier with Pet Butler! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Put your dog to work this weekend! Buy it here.

Robots wine cappers: Finally, you can make good use of those unnecessary wine corks! Buy it here ($ 25)

We would recommend either Wineworks Premium or Wineworks Superior as your first 30 Bottle Kit Wine. Both of these ranges are designed to produce a good quality wine that is ready to drink within 2-4 weeks but will benefit if left up to 6-8 weeks. Furthermore, they also have a great selection of wines to choose from.

If you’ve never made wine before or you simply don’t have any of the equipment or ingredients any longer then you could purchase one of our bundles. These bundles allie all the required equipment along with your prefered wine kit so that you can have everything delivered to your door and just get started. The Wineworks Superior Starter Bundles are a great choice if you want to keep the equipment budget down but still choose the quality of wine you’d like to go for. Whereas, the Wineworks Luxury Starter Bundles offer a better quality equipment pack and still let you choose from a great choice of wine packs.

The two most important aspects of making wine are Cleanliness and Temperature. Firstly remember everything that comes into contact with the wine should be cleaned and sterilised ( see below ). Secondly maintain a constant temperature between 21-26°C ( 69-79°F ). It is much better to be on the cool side and constant than hot one minute and cold the next. Airing cupboards are definitely no, no’s. ( See below )

Clean and sterilise all equipment. Here’s a selection of Sterilisers you can use and if you not quite sure which steriliser to go for then you can take a look at our Beginners Wine Making Part 1 - Cleaning, Sterlising

Wineworks Superior wines : These usually take 10-15 days to ferment, and a further week to clear. Again the wine can be drunk immediately but we recommend ageing it 4 weeks but you can leave it up to 12 months. The time you will leave it will depend very much on your stocks. So get plenty built up. The reds benefit more than the whites with ageing. Certain packs ( see the list below ) are suited more to the experienced wine maker and take around 4 weeks to ferment and then left for a further 2 weeks. These products does really benefit from ageing. All the kits we list in this section require little ageing.

As it’s new to you it will probably take in all 2 hours for your first batch. However, once you are used to it 1 hour is about the maximum amount of time needed. We would also point out bar the bottling side; it takes just as long to make 6 bottles as it does to make 30 bottles, so we strongly recommend you make the larger quantity. After all 6 bottles doesn’t go very far as we said before !

From our experience it is much better to maintain a constant temperature than a fluctuating one. We suggest 21-26°C ( 69-79°F ), although if it is cooler than this, it is not a problem, it just takes slightly longer to ferment. If you can’t maintain this then we supply three different forms of heating equipment : Brew Belt / Heat BeltThis is a simple insulated electric cable that wraps round your conteneur and provides a gentle heat. It is very souple and extremely easy to use. Heat Tray ( 4 demi/5 Gallon Fermenter ) This is like a flat tray that provides a gentle continuous heat that goes under the fermenter. Immersion HeaterThis drops into the conteneur, through the bung and can be thermostatically controlled to maintain the juste temperature. Similar to a fish tank heater. All these can be added to our starter pack packages. See our scène showing the types of heating equipment available for your fermentation.

It is important to clean

If you’ve made it this far, hopefully understanding a bit of what we’ve said, then you’ll want to know how much it will cost to get started ! As you may have noticed, we’ve put together a couple of equipment packs which include everything you need, and take the confusion out of buying. You can make your first 30 bottles of Wine for approximately £65. 00. That’s all in ( Equipment


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