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16 NOVEMBER 2020 YOSHITSUNE ARENA, ISHIKAWA - Tonight is a quick tour of the opening night action. Some upheavals and some surprises. Then we head for a 3 day break from today's action. And from the looks of it, some guys already need it. TAG WORLD LEAGUE MATCH # 1 Guerillas of Destiny (0 point) […]

16 NOVEMBER 2020


- Tonight is a quick tour of the opening night action. Some upheavals and some surprises. Then we head for a 3 day break from today's action. And from the looks of it, some guys already need it.


Guerillas of Destiny (0 point) vs. Chase Owens and Bad Luck Fale (0 point)

- He's a 5-way Too Sweeeeeeet before the bell as well as Tama attacking Owens. Owens gives up but is chased in my Old Man Jado. Owens quickly backs up in a double takedown on Tama and hits. Tama DDT is him down for 2 and tag to Loa. Flatlining in a crossfacae on Owens, and Fale comes to smash him. Hot tag at Fale and he enters Loa's forearms. Loa can't let him down so he stomped on his toe. It just angered Fale as he beat Loa in the corner. Old Man Jado is on the apron and Fale has a hand full of beard. GOD cut him off and let him fall. Owens returns with a Brilliant Wizard for 2. Tama attempts a Gum Stun but he's blocked. Sharpshooter on Owens, and he hits at 10:13. (That finish came out of nowhere. GOD seems to be back in the thick of it with the win. But the game was pretty much in the middle. Fale's leave did him a disservice. C-.)


Great O'Khan and Jeff Cobb (2 points) against YOSHI-HASHI and Hirooki Goto (0 point)

- YOSHI and Cobb to start. Cobb tries to subdue him. YOSHI shoots back and they swap their forearms. YOSHI thinks he's got things under control and charges but gets kicked by a shoulder. Khan passes and they miss a corner charge. Goto in and YOSHI hiptosses over Khan for 2. YOSHI charges in a judo throw in a head and arm submission. YOSHI makes the cobb ropes and tags. He hits several back breakers on YOSHI and just sweeps Khan away. I love the primal scream Khan lets out as he cuts people off. Cobb returns to play with YOSHI but eats an enziguiri. Goto walks past and lays heavy clotheslines in Cobb's corner. Attempt to GTR but Cobb tags Khan. Goto hanging upside down in a tree of doom. Khan yells and nails a plunging dropkick in the face. Goto struggles to get up after several Mongolian cuts but eventually the Khan clotheslines come down. Now the 4 men in the ring as Cobb LIFTS BOTH MEN in a modified pumphandle suplex. Cobb and Khan take turns to suplex Goto. YOSHI arrives in a Khan superkicks, wrapped up by Goto for the win at 13:41. (I have to take this as kind of an upheaval after how Khan and Cobb dominated on the first night. This match showed how they can work and they are a great team. Really impressed with Khan's work to start with. YOSHI doesn't couldn't match the magic of his first night, but maybe he took the night because of the small crowd. Another decent match. C.)


Yujiro Takahashi & EVIL (2 points) vs. David Finlay & Juice Robinson (2 points)

- The referee checks Juice very carefully before the bell. He has to check all of Dick Togo's pockets instead. Juice and Finlay trade chances to work on Yujiro and do a lot of boring vocals while doing so. Togo bait Finlay outside and EVIL destroys it with a lariat! The timekeeper's table and the announcer receive shrapnel from the exchange and it looks like a war zone. Even the referee doesn't pay attention to what's going on in the ring. Whip hard in the corner, but there is no corner pad and you can blame Togo. I'm sure he was involved. 5 minutes later, and Finlay is finally able to score. JUICE hits 5 times and in a DDT. EVIL walks in and Juice drops him off. Senton standing just in front of togo! Juice is an asshole for that. Yujiro rakes his eyes to break free and hits his only low kick of the night. EVIL tries to cut Juice but Juice is able to craft a dive tag like he's been beaten for 15 minutes. Finlay dives everywhere outside. Togo does not want to be part of it when threatened. The juice returns, fresh like a daisy about 30 seconds later. They attempt the Russian Legsweep / Kick combo but Yujiro foils this plan. Juice hits the exposed corner, but by the time I type that he's already back hitting doubles teams. Finlay hands out Stunners like the first Christmas cards. Even one for Togo! Low blow by EVIL because, well, you know. ALL IS BAD for Finlay for the win @ 12 ″ 09. (That was an average tag with literally all the guys plugging in their strengths from the first night. The juice sold absolutely lousy and could have made things better by slowing down a little. C-.)


Toru Yano and Tomihiro Ishii (2 points 0 against SANADA and Shingo Takagi (0 point)

- Hopefully LIJ will be a victim of every Yano tournament start ever here. Yano calls SANADA to start. How SANADA can keep a cold face with Yano, I have no idea. Yano already has a corner pad but SANADA sends it in his face. Yano rakes his eyes and the double leg brings him down. He tries to figure out the Paradise Lock and is frustrated. SANADA shows him the right way and Yano is face down, ass in the air. Ishii runs up and they beat him while Yano remains tied up. SANADA hits Yano in the ass with the wedge pad and he releases him. They roll outside and Yano wraps the apron around SANADA and almost wins via the count. SANADA slips in at 19. Ishiii has seen enough and jumps in to make things a little more serious. Now that SANADA is down, Yano wants to come back for some more. Yano hits a hiptoss for 2. It was too much for him and he catches up with Ishii. A small communication problem on a lariat and dropkick spot but Shingo is tagged. SHINGO TAKAGI HAS HIS WORK SHOES TONIGHT! Well the flurry didn't last very long as Ishii is fed up with shit and they swap their forearms. Yano pulls Takagi over the rope and into a German suplex by Ishii. If you can't tell by the exchange between Shingo and Ishii, I would say it's a safe bet that they could see each other in January. SANADA returns with a Dragon Sleeper but Ishiii hits the brain to counter. Diving tag to Yano who is still obsessed with throwing SANADA around the corner. SANADA with a rolling cradle… and rolling and rolling and a lot of rolling. Finally a cover for 2. Yano quickly climbs up and catapults him around the corner. All 4 men now and his complete madness. Where are the red shoes? Stand on the ropes to keep away from illegal activity. The fucking worst. Yano and SANADA now exchange roll ups for close drops. Finally SANADA rolls it and prepares for victory at 12:24. (Safe to say, this game has been the most entertaining of the night so far. Shingo and Ishii are going to be something special to watch soon. Yano and SANADA work so well together as they play on the forces of the other. C +.)


Toa Henare & Hiroshi Tanahashi (0 points) vs. Zack Saber Jr. & Taichi (2 points)

- This being the main event, and judging by the performance of the first night, I hope Tanahashi will want to work a little tonight. Tanahashi has some sort of card in the ring, the announcer makes some sort of announcement and the fans are clapping. I apologize for not being familiar with my Japanese, but maybe someone can clarify what was said. Toa and Tanahashi quickly gain the advantage and tie the tag champions in stereo mono-legged crabs. Taichi soon catches Tanahashi outside and abuses his leg against the railing. He almost takes an account because he loses track of time while having fun. ZSJ comes just to tie the leg up, standing, and Taichi suffocates Tanahashi. 7 mihutes in there, and the writing is kind of on the wall as to what's going to happen here. Tanahashi finally makes the strings, but the Ace can barely hold on to shoot. He manages to hit the dragon crew, but ZSJ runs to eliminate Toa. Tanahashi's dragon pulls its leg and now Toa is in it. Toa gets his shard and Samoan drops Taichi for 2. He goes to the spear but Taichi rakes his eyes. Corner enziguiri on Toa in the 10th minute. No one for either man to score, so they trade hard knocks. Toa eventually knocks him down to try and get the tag. ZSJ removes Tanahashi from the apron and applies the ankle lock to the floor. ZSJ quickly returns to help with a double kick to the head. The blanket gets 2. THE PANTS ARE OFF! Taichi measures, but Toa fights him. ZSJ runs to attack but Tanahashi has a second life and drops bodies. Toa is slow to stand up but slammed an ax bomber on Taichi. He goes to lift it but finds himself trapped in the submission of the head and arm. ZSJ locks a leglock submission on Tanahashi. Toa struggles, but makes the ropes. On the ground, Tanahashi throws ZSJ into the railing. Taichi, inside, lifts up for a piledriver, but Toa pulls him out. Taichi is the first and dodges the kicks to be able to connect with some diving gear. Tanahashi is back but ZSJ traps him against the ropes. Tombstone, superkick and sit down from ZSJ on Tanahashi. Taichi walks aside and drops Toa for 2.5. Taichi measures but is transported in a urination for 2.5! Toa tries again, but ZSJ nails him from behind. DDT lifting cradle with ZSJ assistance gives Suzuki Gun the victory at 19:37! (WOOOO! It was an amazing fucking match! On paper, I wouldn't give Toa a big chance to shine like he did. But he delivered and carried the workload while Tanahashi did perfectly. his job Taichi and ZSJ also do well the more they team up I can't say enough good things about this game and I know I'm going to get some shit to rate it too high A-. )

Final thoughts?

-The first half of this show was not that great. Bullet Club facing each other, so there isn't much to do there. O-Khan and Cobb suffering an early loss after dominating the first night was a disappointment. Fin-Juice wrestled almost the same match as the first night. Now Chaos vs LIJ was good in the sense that it was entertaining. But that last game is the one you should take the time to watch. Especially seeing how Toa didn't rush in and sell himself like he's not giving up.

“Scream” star David Arquette has an extreme volonté that almost cost him his life — professional wrestling.

Two years ago, Arquette faced off against ex-con Nick Gage in a deathmatch, the most hardcore style where the wrestlers swing chairs, baseball bats and the like.

With blood gushing from his neck, Arquette gets up and tries to pin Gage but can’t. He jumps out of the ring, holding his neck. Then, he climbs back in and smacks Gage with a folding chair. After a couple of minutes, though, Arquette is the one who gets pinned.

“It nearly cost me my life, ” Arquette told the Star of the match. “I was in way over my head. I was about half an inch from death…”

Arquette decided to go back into the ring after fellow pro wrestler Jack Perry, the son of late actor Luke Perry, assured him that he wasn’t bleeding to death. Perry is the one who took Arquette to the hospital.

Arquette told the Star : “I could hear Luke but I couldn’t see him, ” Arquette told the Star. “I said : ‘Luke is it pumping ? ’ because I was worried I was bleeding out and he said : ‘No it’s not pumping. ’ I knew at that point I wasn’t dying immediately, I could try to finish the match. ”

Arquette has had a lifelong love affair with wrestling, which is traced in a new documentary, “You Cannot Kill David Arquette. ” The film tells of how Arquette has spent the past two decades trying to earn back the respect of the wrestling world — after he won the World Championship Wrestling heavyweight title as a publicity stunt for his movie “Ready to Rumble. ”

In those years, the 49-year-old Arquette has battled heart problems and drug addiction. After the Gage match, Arquette’s wife, Christine, told him : “I just feel like you want to die, ” the actor recalled.

“I don’t want to die but life is painful, ” Arquette told the Star. “If you have addiction issues like I do there’s an element in the back of your head that the accro is literally trying to kill you. You have to find ways to deal with it so you don’t continue to kill yourself, either slowly or quickly. ”

For Arquette, wrestling helped him deal with the deaths of Luke Perry, a close friend who died of a stroke, and his transgender sister, Alexis, who died of a heart attack.

“Losing someone is really painful but a few things have happened to make me feel we are all much more connected, ” Arquette said. “For wrestling, you shave everything and at one point I was looking at my arms and it was like I was looking at Alexis’ arms, as being transgender she would shave them… For a second it was like I was looking through Alexis’ eyes… I think we’re a lot more connected than any of us know. ”

Through the film, Arquette has finally learned to accept himself. “I accomplished what I set out to do, ” Arquette told the Star. “I wanted to prove I could be a wrestler. And through this whole experience, I figured out – and it’s ironic – I need to stop beating myself up. I had to stop attacking myself and be kind to myself, as corny as it sounds.


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