15 Pull-Up Bar Exercises for Abs You Can Do Anywhere
Olympic bars, curl bars, sit-up machines… Forget them, today we're building killer abs with the only tool you need: a pull-up bar. If you are new to calisthenics, follow this step by step guide;...

Olympic bars, curl bars, sit-up machines… Forget them, today we're building killer abs with the only tool you need: a pull-up bar.

If you are new to calisthenics, follow this step by step guide; the exercises range from easy to difficult.

Let's grab this bar.

Abdominal Pull Up Bar Exercises For Beginners

Hanging from a horizontal bar has several advantages over floor workouts. It takes a lot more effort and a lot more muscles working simultaneously, more body stabilization and control, and it engages your abs differently than when you're lying on the floor.

If you're new to all of this, here's where to start.

# 1 Knees

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First step, the fundamentals. You lift your knees up and down and that's it. So, what is so special? Just because this exercise is the very basis of pull-up bar abs training doesn't mean you can do it in a haphazard way.

The fundamentals (True for all pull-up bar exercises)

Whichever handle you use, open or close, from below or from above—do not let the bar slide in your distal fingers. Slipping puts too much pressure on your elbows, which can lead to elbow joint problems over time.

As you start to hang down, keep your back - lats, traps, rhomboids, and arms - shoulders, biceps, forearms tight and tight. Your whole body needs to be activated.

Always think about the muscles you are training and try to feel them twitch. Do it on the way up and going down.

Top error: Don't relax all the way down, keep your feet slightly in front of your hips.

Side knees

Side Knee Ups GIF - Find and share on GIPHY

Second step! Start rotating your knees to activate your obliques. This exercise is good for beginners and can not only strengthen your abs, but your entire core. Suppose, of course, that you activate it and you don't wobble like a piece of cloth in the breeze.

Key points

Your trunk must remain absolutely vertical at the lower point. No leaning back and no swaying. Keep your elbows perfectly straight and control the tempo both up and down.

Crunch Circles (windshield wipers folded)

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Third step, get hardcore. Well, not too hardcore, but this exercise can surely kill your abs when done right. Look at the gif. Do you see the swing at the lowest point? Ideally, this shouldn't happen.


Keep all range of motion under your control. The movement should be slow and your whole body should be tense. This way, you will be able to avoid swinging. If you can do it, you are a beast.

Lift the leg

Leg Raises GIF - Find and share on GIPHY

It is certainly a much more difficult abdominal exercise than just knees. Here, resistance is the weight of your legs multiplied by the leverage that their length creates. Good news - it also makes it a lot more rewarding.


Don't let your body sway: the negative (lowering) phase should be completely under your control, with a brief pause at the lowest point. Keep your arms as straight as possible.

Top error: Don't cheat and use momentum, and don't fall into an anterior pelvic tilt. Keep a posterior pelvic tilt even at the lowest point.

Toes to Bar

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This is the ultimate pull up bar exercise to build your six pack. As well as killing your abs, raising your legs beyond 90 degrees engages your hip flexors.


The key is not to focus just on flexing your hip socket, but to bend at pelvis level, trying to curl your pelvis. A hint: you should try to "show your assTo the person in front of you. Thinking about it improves your technique, ridiculous as it sounds.

Superior council: To start, you can bend your elbows a bit. Keeping your arms straight is much harder than it looks.

Suspended L-sit

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The L-sit is the foundation of calisthenics. It might sound easy, but the looks are deceptive. In fact, if you can hold it for 30 seconds with your legs straight, you are a rockstar.


Try to keep your legs as straight as possible, even if you can only do so for a second or two. The longer you can keep your legs straight, the more beneficial this exercise is. As it gets harder and harder, start bending your knees.

Siders hanging in L

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As you get strong enough to hold the L-sit for at least ten seconds, you can start to make it harder by moving your legs from side to side. This engage your obliques, which are the muscles responsible for rotating the torso.


Keep your shoulders activated, does not let them slide in the passive suspension. Pull your shoulder blades back and down in active suspension.

L-shaped hanging scissors

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Another way to make the L-sit harder is to start chiseling your legs left and right. This combines an isometric ab contraction with dynamic leg movement, preparing you for more advanced calisthenic routines.

Key points: Keep your core, legs straight, and maintain a 90 degree angle.

Knees to Bar Crunch

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Unlike its floor counterpart, bar crunching engages not only your abs, but almost your entire torso. Going to the top with your arms straight is a real challenge for your lower back, and coming down slowly is a real test on your lats.


Do not throw yourself or rush back down. See the gif? Your return should be twice as slow. Your abs lose most of the tension at the highest point, so it's in your best interest to compensate for it on the way down.

Suspended crunch

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This exercise looks easy, and it's easy if you cheat and swing your arms to create momentum, as shown in the gif. But if you don't, hanging crunches suddenly become difficult and effective.

Gym Wisdom

You might say, why not just do some floor crunches? This is because of two things: when you hang up with your head down, you don't lose tension in your abdominals on your return (eccentric phase), and because gravity adds extra weight to your torso.

Advanced exercises

If you've tried the exercises in the previous section, you've seen that a pull-up bar gives you much lower core activation.

Are you ready to get even more?


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If the L-sit is too easy for you, try the V-hold. Remember, V is for the win: if you can hold it for 30 seconds, you're a champion.

Oblique toes to cross off

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Strong and well-developed obliques make your V-shape even more impressive. Guess what else makes you look awesome? Make oblique toes against the bar with straight arms and legs.

Extended leg circles

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Basically it is the most dynamic variation from the previous exercise. The hardest part is keeping your legs and body from swinging at the lowest point.

L-sit toe at the bar

L-Sit Toes-To-Bar GIF - Find and share on GIPHY

Shifting from the toes to the bar in the L position forces you to have perfect control over the eccentric phase, and going back engages your whole core because this way you can't cheat and gain too much momentum by lifting your legs.

Windscreen wipers

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This sit-up exercise combines an isometric v-grip with dynamic sides, making it incredibly difficult. If you can craft 20 windshield wipers with perfect technique - locked arms and legs straight, 90 degree angle - your abs is surely a benchmark for most athletes.

Remember the "show your assPrinciple and keep your butt up in the air.

The bottom line

Not having a gym membership is a bad excuse for not having a shiny six pack. Take a pull-up bar (or parallel bars) and kill that ab.

No matter where you start, basic knees or extremely difficult windshield wipers, the bar can become your all-round best friend for building strength, power and stretching your muscles.

Appreciate the article? Do you know of any other killer pull up bar exercises? Let us know in the comment section below!

PS If you run out of results, find on how testosterone may be responsible for it and how you can fix it naturally.


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