Some people can go through the day without snacks. And then there's the rest of us. Snacks are a great way to jump between meals when you're not quite ready for a full meal but still want to avoid hunger pangs. Also, with the madness of pandemic, it's okay to be hungrier than usual for several reasons. (Or feel a number of things when it comes to food, really.) If you're spending more time at home and feeling hungrier, it might be because you're more in tune with your appetite. The past few months have forced many of us to slow down and be present with whatever is going on. If you are normally multitasking and rush all day, it is easier to rush to eat and not pay such attention to our real hunger. Feeling extra hungry can also be a sign of stress of all that. Either way, making sure you eat regularly throughout the day is very important.

Here are 18 snacks from POC-owned brands to help you do that. Continually investing our dollars in POC-owned businesses is essential to the survival and success of those businesses. Keep in mind that most of these snacks come in multiple packs and the prices reflect this. Now on to the snacking, okay?

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