November 2020 Yoga Calendar – GROUND
Here is your free monthly Yoga with Adriene calendar! No gadgets, no plug. This is an offer to help you step up on the mat regularly to cultivate balance and well-being. If you have...

Here is your free monthly Yoga with Adriene calendar! No gadgets, no plug. This is an offer to help you step up on the mat regularly to cultivate balance and well-being. If you have a hunch that you could benefit from regular, long-lasting home yoga practice, look no further.

If this is your first time joining us, welcome!

Each month, we come together as a community around a theme that inspires questions and guides the intent of your practice on and off the mat.

Selected practices support your exploration of the theme, whether you take the entire month or go for a single whenever you want.

Calendar practices are free and are all available on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel. When we include membership practices in the calendar, they are flagged as FWFG practices and we also include other free YouTube practices on these days for those who are not members.

This month's free offer is an invitation to GROUND.

November 2020 marks a special time, as it will be the 5th anniversary of the YWA calendar.

5 years ago, community member Sarah Bowman compiled a basic Yoga With Adriene channel video playlist, showing the length of the video and creating a useful structure to guide those looking to ascend. more regularly on the mat.

5 years later Sarah is not only a dear friend of mine, but she holds the position of director of the community, also known by many as our mom Kula, and she also runs the membership app FWFG, a huge effort - especially this year as So many people are looking for a safe, affordable, trustworthy and creative space to go deeper, find healing and sweat.

But wait, there is more! As community member Elias Belsky pointed out, the month of November is special not only because of its fifth anniversary, but also because it is also the first time that a calendar from the past matches the dates of the past perfectly. current month. November 2015 and November 2020 both start on Sundays.

So in homage to Foundations' original yoga calendar and because we think we could all use a little gentle Daily grounding, this month we celebrate with a new Root to mount practice and define the intention of our community to GROUND.

This year, there is no doubt that each month brings a new set of uncertainties and challenges. Allow this set of practices to be what serves to anchor you in your body and breathing every day so that you can continue to cultivate balance for optimal mental, emotional and physical health.

Everything is free, no credit card required.

I'll meet you there.

Invite someone to join you! See you throughout the month or join us throughout the month.
Share your experiences with the Kula and the community with #ywaGROUND.

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Here's what you need to know:

  • here is your free playlist on YouTube channel that you can follow every day for the whole month. The new practice for November 1 will be added to the playlist when it is released on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel on that date.
  • here is your playlist of the month on FWFG subscription. The new practice will be added when it is published.
  • Follow the calendar every day or go to appointments throughout the month. Find out what feels good and keep practicing!
  • The Find What Feels Good FWFG app is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store for mobile devices. The app is also available for your TV with Apple TV, Roku, and FireTV. Or you can access it on the web at
  • You can download a free, clickable PDF of the calendar here.

Everyone seems to be a yogi these days, from your BFF to your co-worker to your aunt—heck, even dogs and goats are getting their zen on. But if you have yet to attempt Warrior II or Mountain Pose, taking your first yoga chic can be a little intimidating. What if your hands sweat and you fall off the mat ? What if you hate it ? What if you can’t do a solo. damn. pose ?

Okay, rewind a second—there’s a reason so many people have hopped on a mat over the past few years. ' Yoga is a non-judgmental practice, ' says Claire Ewing, certified yoga instructor and studio marketing manager for CorePower Yoga. It’s is a totally accessible way to unwind and break a sweat, so there’s nothing to worry about before checking out a class.

But to help you feel a little more comfortable before you say your first ' om ' or ' namaste, ' Ewing has some yoga tips to answer all those questions floating around your head.

When in doubt, Ewing says opt for a vinyasa flow class, ' where you have the opportunity to explore the postures and fundamental principles of yoga. ' These are the variétés of classes most of your friends probably do, and it’s a great form of yoga for beginners. But of course, it never hurts to check out a couple different types of classes to see what feels best to you.

' Definitely go for something breathable and easy to move in, ' says Ewing. ' You will work up a sweat, so consider wearing something with moisture-wicking abilities. ' Oh and FYI : Yoga is a no-shoes kind of workout, so don’t worry about sporting your best sneakers to class.

Like with any workout, it’s totally a personal preference how much you mazout pre-yoga. But Ewing points out that yoga is a pretty soutenu workout, and fueling your body properly will help you get the most out of your practice. Keep it light, though, ' I usually start with a protein shake or bar knowing that the classes can physically take you in dynamic directions, ' says Ewing. ( A. k. a. don’t down that massive avo toast right before class. ) If you’re just having a small pre-workout snack, you can probably do that about 30 minutes beforehand; but wait a full one to two hours before sérieux out after a meal.

She adds that hydrating beforehand is also key, especially if you ever do attempt a heated flow. ' Drink a full glass of water about two hours before class—that way you have something to sweat out and you will feel better during class. '

' Absolutely ! ' says Ewing. ' A regular yoga practice increases flexibility and strength in your muscles. It has you work your full range of motion in every joint of your body and build strong and long groupes de muscles. ' ( In fact, vinyasa yoga even made this list of the top calorie-burning workouts. )

This depends on the type of yoga chic you take—for example, a slow flow or hatha chic may require you to hold a pose for an extended period of time. But in vinyasa, ' it comes down to the volonté of how the positionnement was designed, ' says Ewing. ' For example, balancing poses are held longer to benefit concentration and focus, while transition postures build strength while teaching fluidity in movement. '

For the most part, though, poses are held for three to five breaths during the first round to help them sink into your memory. Then they’re held for a solo breath when you repeat the pose, to help amp up the cardio component of yoga.

Don’t stress ! No one expects you to master every pose your first go-round ( or really, ever—it’s a constant learning process ). Your yoga instructor should offer alternatives for pose modifications, especially for the more challenging ones. ' Your breath is key in yoga, if you are losing sight of this, you may want to consider modifying or completely backing off, ' says Ewing. And don’t be afraid to ask your instructor for assistance.

Also, try to avoid comparing yourself to the other yogis in the room—all bodies are unique, and have varied strengths and challenges. Plus, every time you step on the mat, it’s going to feel a little different, ' for both your body and your mind, ' says Ewing. ' If there is one thing you can take away from the classroom, it is learning how to modify and create a practice that is fit for you. '


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