The Urge for Another Baby
The decision to "do" is difficult. A personal question. The one that often lets people judge or wonder, no matter what you decide. We remember the thoughts of a mom who was real and...

The decision to "do" is difficult. A personal question. The one that often lets people judge or wonder, no matter what you decide. We remember the thoughts of a mom who was real and vulnerable to us.

–A guest post from a mom who wanted to remain anonymous–

I have five children and five children, which is a lot in these modern times. Five kids is a bigger car, hard and expensive time to book vacation accommodation, and mountains of laundry and food. That means four take-out school meals each morning and busy nights leading the kids to soccer, ballet and swimming lessons.

Five children is also a lot of love, a lot of fun and a lot of friends, as we connect in the small social circles that each child creates as their own.

When people find out that I have five children for the first time, their eyebrows go up and cry out in astonishment / awe / wonder. Then comes the inevitable next question: "So, are you going to have more?" I can barely go a day without being asked, suppressing the urge to respond - "Isn't that five years enough ?!"

My oldest is fifteen, the youngest two. And since the birth of my youngest, my answer to that question has been a pretty solid “NO”. Life is busy, very busy and I feel overwhelmed with everything I do in my role as “mom”. I recently started a small business, where I discover a new part of myself and enjoy that kind of recognition that money brings.

And even.

I always wanted six children. I love having a big family - the hustle and bustle, and the organizational challenges that I thrive on. I love being a witness and a companion as my children grow up on their own. And for fifteen years, when a baby wakes up at about two years old, the next baby is welcomed into our hearts and soon after into our arms. You could say that birthing and raising babies has been my career: I started at 23 and now it's what I do best.

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Now that my youngest is almost weaned, I find myself at a crossroads. My mind can think of a million reasons why our family should be as complete as it is now. But my heart and body yearn for another baby: a longing that seems to come from deep within me, a longing over which I have no control.

After so many years in the cycle of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, sometimes I wonder if my body is now wired this way, caught in a loop. Or is having another baby the easy thing to do, the comfortable choice? Moving my business forward and launching into the world as a professional would be the most difficult thing I can do in life right now - it's the area with the most potential for personal growth.

My husband doesn't like having another baby, and now that our youngest is a toddler, life just got a little easier. We can go out at night. We can make more commitments and start working more resolutely towards our goals. We appreciate the extra freedom, I appreciate it. Then there is the financial pressure from another mouth to feed themselves, and the social pressure which despises large families as the resources of our planet are gradually depleted.

Deciding whether to finish having children and to formally “complete” your family is an important one. This is a question that should be discussed at length with your partner, especially if you are not on the same page. There is no formula that says, "Ok, when I meet 4 out of 5 criteria, that means I'm done having babies." Everyone is different, and everyone's reasons for having finished having children are different. For some, it may be age. For others, it is health, physical or mental reasons. For some, it's financial. For others, they may just feel like their family is complete and they're ready to take the next step in their life. And for some, while they may feel strong in their decision to stop having children, the desire to have another newborn in the home may never leave their hearts.

One thing I love about some social media apps is that they show us what happened “that day” so many years ago. I see these pictures and I think of my children as babies, and how much they have grown. And I'm like, "I could never have another baby in this house." I think it's important for those who are considering quitting having children or trying to decide if they should add one more to remember that you will always miss the time when your children were babies. You will always miss their squishy thighs and big belly laughs. But when you have another child, and this one grows up, that hole of their absence at this point will still be there - it will be just another hole. So having another baby to cure your baby's fever might not be the best thing for you. Or it could. The latter can convince you that you are really done. No one knows except you and your partner.

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If you are looking for a special formula, there may be several ways that you will know you have children, in addition to a physical, mental or financial decision:

  • You are no longer envious of pregnancy announcements
  • You are no longer envious of big pregnant bellies
  • You can easily get rid of your baby's belongings (clothes, strollers, toys, cribs)
  • Looking forward to a new season of life
  • Your family feels complete

Of course, you can still feel envious of pregnancy announcements or a fat pregnant belly, even if you know deep down that you are done having babies. For some of us, it's just about remembering a special time in your life and thinking about what it was like for you. A time when you were younger and more energized, and ready to embark on a new life in this world. But if a part of you is glad that you didn't wake up with a newborn baby overnight, then you might be done having babies.

But my heart, and this urge that turns on like a switch but seems impossible to turn off. I am between a rock and a hard place - afraid to shake the boat and the balance we have achieved by giving in to my deep yearnings, and afraid to live one day with regret for not following my heart.

Until I have clarity in my mind and heart, I take it one day at a time. I snuggle up to my daughters at bedtime, drinking their present and their purity. I take a moment, every day, to count my blessings, the beautiful children I already have who bring so much light into my life.

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