Asia Wellness Retreats Re-Opening Dates
The coronavirus lockdown has taken its toll on our mind, body and soul, so we're very happy to see a slow awakening of luxury wellness retreats in Asia, at least for local businesses. Here...

The coronavirus lockdown has taken its toll on our mind, body and soul, so we're very happy to see a slow awakening of luxury wellness retreats in Asia, at least for local businesses. Here we list the Thai Wellness Retreat reopening dates and outline some of the health retreats that will be available to restore health, wellness, and balance after isolation.

To date, Thailand's borders are currently closed to international travel due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Chiva Som, Hua Hin is open

chiva som cancer treatment

Chiva Som has reopened now to welcome customers again with an exclusive unique promotional offer "Thai Wellness Tourism". While welcoming international guests may take a little longer, if you are a Thai resident, you can take full advantage of this premier spa's fantastic health and wellness programs at the regular price. These mini-retreats include a “two-night wellness getaway” and full-day and half-day “wellness experiences”. Starts at just 12,000 THB (385 USD) per night for a newly refurbished stunning Ocean Room.

If you are planning your recovery after isolation, Wellness retreats in Chiva Som to consider are:

Spirit and soul

chiva som yoga retreats

Chiva Som emotional wellness retreats - Anxiety has certainly increased during these uncertain times. Emotional Healing Retreats were on the rise before isolation hit and we anticipate a huge increase in requests for emotional healing vacations. Chiva Som's emotional wellness vacation offers a range of fitness activities, healthy eating, ancient yogic practices such as pranayama (balanced breathing), meditation, acupuncture, and yoga.

Natural renewal - This health and wellness retreat aims to balance emotions and address health issues. Expect a mix of personal training, anti-stress therapy, meditation, acupuncture, and healthy cooking.

Stress Relief Retreats in Chiva Som - With stress levels at an all time high, these tension release retreats include energizing activities such as Pilates, massage therapy, meditation, acupuncture and healthy cooking classes


personal training chiva som

Chiva Som Weight Loss Retreats - this sustainable weight management program encourages you to let go of your old eating habits and adopt a healthier outlook on diet and nutrition. The main goal of the health retreat is detoxification, fitness and general health improvement.

Chiva Som detox retreats - This personalized detox balances the body's macro and micronutrients with nutritional and herbal supplements, lymphatic drainage treatments and colon hydrotherapy. Cooking classes and fitness all aim to restore vitality.

Kamalaya, Koh Samui is open

Kamalaya in Koh Samui also reopened with an `` offer for Thai residents '' (valid from May 15 to August 31). Get 3 free nights and up to THB 80,000 credit for everyone currently in Thailand.

In the video below, Kamalaya co-founder John Stewart offers a warm welcome, explaining the foundations of this wonderful spa resort and the lasting benefits of a healthy vacation in nature.

Kamalaya retreats to consider are:

Spirit and soul

Kamalaya Emotional Balance Retreats - These healing vacations are one of our most requested for addressing emotional well-being. Entitled `` Embracing Change, '' this wellness retreat looks within and explores emotional habits, such as emotional eating, relationship issues, anxiety, and grief. You will return home with an emotional toolkit for solving any problems and leading a more balanced and joyful life.

Stress Relief Retreats in Kamalaya - Depending on your stress level, Kamalaya offers several stress management packages, ranging from "Relax and Renew" and "Asian Bliss" to Basic and Comprehensive "Balance and Revitalize". These aim to resolve burn-out problems through Ayurvedic treatments, anti-stress management consultations, fitness and therapeutic spa.

Kamalaya sleep improvement retreats - We often combine these sleep programs with other wellness retreats. Stress, anxiety, and weight issues can often lead to sleep issues that need to be addressed.


Kamalaya yoga synergy - Group and one-on-one yoga classes, Ayurvedic and Asian therapies, pranayama and meditation combine to provide a wonderfully holistic luxury yoga retreat by the sea.

Kamalaya Detox - Awarded for their fantastic detox vacation, Kamalaya Detox Retreat programs range from an “Introduction to Detox” for new detox participants to a comprehensive program for detox enthusiasts.

Kamalaya Fitness and Ideal weight - Basic and comprehensive fitness vacations in Kamalaya are tailored to the individual. Group sessions and personal training, massage, healthy cooking, aqua classes and stretching are part of this health retreat. If you have accumulated pounds during the lockdown, the Ideal weight program is for you.

Amanpuri, Phuket reopens July 1

amanpuri luxury hotel phuket

The luxury resort Amanpuri in Phuket is scheduled to reopen on July 1. Privacy and holistic and highly personalized wellness retreats have always been at the heart of Aman Resorts' agenda. When they reopen in July, customers can once again enjoy exemplary service, a natural and spacious setting and tailor-made wellness immersions. Adapting to the needs of each one, our guests can choose between an original or intensive immersion. If you are concerned about privacy and space, consider one of our healthy Aman Resort vacations in Asia.

Spirit and soul

amanpuri intensive weight loss

Amanpuri Life Reset - There has never been a time when a "life reset" resonates more. Hit the reset button after COVID-19 isolation to transform yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Healthy eating, stress management tips and combating burnout are all part of this tailor-made luxury wellness vacation.

Amanpuri Self-healing and mindfulness - The stressful challenges of lockdown are upon us, so this healing vacation is a wonderful way to self-heal and restore emotional balance. Achieve a deep sense of relaxation through guided yoga, meditation, and holistic healing treatments such as Sacred Cranial Healing and Reiki.


fitness vacation in amanpuri

Amanpuri weight management - Lose weight, gain muscle mass and investigate the root causes of eating problems. Fitness classes include fun activities such as Muay Thai boxing lessons, spa therapy with acupuncture and moxa, and a healthy diet.

Amanpuri Detox - With a non-purist approach, you won't be supposed to starve to death during these luxury detox retreats. Enjoy yoga, SUP, artificial respiration, and spa treatments such as lymphatic drainage.

In our next blog, we'll focus on Indonesia, with news on reopening dates and healthy vacations to come in Bali and beyond.

You may not be able to physically travel to Thailand yet, but we can definitely help you plan your dream health retirement!

We look forward to a healthy return to the wellness journey with you.

In health and happiness

Joanne and the Soul Sanctuaries team


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