Bespoke Strategies for Opening the Doors to the European Market
Mantras for success The most preferred way to be successful is to choose a ZigZag path, which means learning from various roles. You should put yourself in one position, make the most of it, and then move on to another to learn something new. Doing this will ultimately lead to identifying the most appropriate role. […]

Mantras for success

The most preferred way to be successful is to choose a ZigZag path, which means learning from various roles. You should put yourself in one position, make the most of it, and then move on to another to learn something new. Doing this will ultimately lead to identifying the most appropriate role. Persistence is the key to success. Showing tenacity and endurance helps us in the market by preparing well for the future. Timing is everything. You have to have the patience to wait for the right moment to make things happen.

Encounters with difficult times

COVID-19 is not the first difficult period Bespoke has witnessed. Bespoke's first encounter with a rough patch was when it was created 20 years ago with Mad Cow Disease. The trip had stopped. This resulted in a loss of activity for three months. Post this, bespoke hotels have also been through periods of SARS, bird flu and recessions.

Business Management

Speaking of business in the UK, Bespoke has had a mixed record. They closed all their hotels, sent 5,000 employees on leave, borrowed money from the government, and worked very hard to collect other business. Bespoke recently signed an agreement to help some of their other hotels that would otherwise have gone bankrupt due to COVID reasons. They plan to restart these hotels next winter. The first three will open in August, then the opening of the remaining 40 hotels will eventually follow. Bespoke calibrates each hotel and takes a measured approach to reopening hotels.

Revenue management

Bespoke has several luxury properties, and they are among the first to reopen. They don't find a pricing problem for these properties. In mid-market hotels are price sensitive and Bespoke changes rates and features on a daily basis. Considering the northern and southern corners, Bespoke has five coastal hotels. It looks at upscale hotels with even higher occupancy rates around this time last year, with room rates being the same. Bespoke has a different dynamic for mid-sized hotels as these hotels are dependent on event activities. As the events are not happening now and therefore these hotels are in trouble.

Health and safety protocols

Bespoke has put together a comprehensive manual that they possibly could, and has done a lot of online and hands-on training for their employees. There are documents in place that list the principles and guidelines for health and safety measures. In all of their hotels, he posted safety precautions and dos and don'ts.

There is no correlation between price and health and hygiene facilities. Customers check availability at a destination, and they assume that the health and hygiene facilities will be of the highest quality. This expectation goes from a luxury hotel to an ordinary hotel.

Distribution strategy

Bespoke recognizes the activities that OTAs bring. However, they will be booking direct bookings from the hotspots over the next few months. They will allocate certain numbers of beds to OTAs and handle the rest through direct bookings.

Business and digital strategy

Bespoke operates on a central hub business strategy where they take things out of the center. While it operates on a star model, it also emphasizes building local heroes. In such cases, they let the local facilities operate while providing the necessary support from the center. When it comes to digital, Bespoke does quite a bit of activity on Google Ads and other digital platforms. They have become reasonably professional when it comes to operating on social platforms like Facebook. They haven't used the power of Instagram yet, but are working on it.

Technological changes after COVID-19

Bespoke strives to make their website more powerful and try to make it compatible with mobile devices. In terms of artificial intelligence, they are working on a few pilot themes with booking mechanisms much more influenced by AI. For internal communications, they have an application that ensures that all internal departments are seamlessly connected. They use walkie talkies but want to switch to mobile devices.


Bespoke is opening a new 88-room hotel called "The Telegraph" in October, with a smooth opening taking place October 23-24 in Coventry, England.

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