Classic Men of Style: Paul Newman
A master of effortless style Paul Newman was a renegade. A multifaceted man, he was an accomplished actor, philanthropist, racing driver, and entrepreneur. Her effortless style was a sight to behold. And its watches have moved the markets. Let's take a closer look at this style icon, including what made him what he was as […]

A master of effortless style

Paul Newman was a renegade. A multifaceted man, he was an accomplished actor, philanthropist, racing driver, and entrepreneur. Her effortless style was a sight to behold. And its watches have moved the markets. Let's take a closer look at this style icon, including what made him what he was as well as some of the hallmarks of the style.

Ancient history

Handsome with striking blue eyes, Paul Newman was born in Cleveland, Ohio on January 26, 1925. Living an idyllic childhood, Newman grew up as an athlete. He joined Kenyon College in Ohio on a scholarship, where his passion for acting began. He starred in plays throughout his college career and, with the support of his parents, decided to try and make it a full-time career after graduating. However, after his father passed away a few years later, Newman returned to Cleveland to run the family business.

paul newman style

But after 18 months, the business was handed over to his brother as Newman decided to try again, but this time, focus on directing at Yale University. In the summer of 1952, right after leaving Yale, Newman got a small role in a Broadway play. It snowballed into segments on live television, then eventually joined the prestigious New York Actors Studio as a student. Newman joined actors such as James Dean and Marlon Brando in classes as he continued to audition for roles.


Newman's first film was the biblical epic, The Silver Chalice, where he played a goldsmith who designed the Holy Grail. A box office failure, it helped propel him into other roles. But he found himself in competition with the others. He lost to James Dean for the lead role in East of Eden, and his roles were sporadic. But after James Dean passed away in 1956, Newman was cast as boxer Rocky Graziano in Somebody Up There Likes Me - which was originally cast aside in Dean. Following this role, Newman found himself most often in the lead.

Acting in 65 films over the course of 50 years, Newman has played tragic characters, anti-heroes and rebel figures in classics such as Cool Hand Luke, Long Hot Summer and, of course, the classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. . He had an effortless charm, and that came through in every role he took on and later in every movie he made. He has been nominated for numerous awards and has also won Oscars throughout his career.

paul newman style

But Paul Newman wasn't just an acting game - he was so much more. Along with his film career, he was known for his charitable work and of course, the eponymous Newman's Own. Now found on grocery shelves across the country, Newman's Own was launched when he decided to sell some of his homemade salad dressing - just for fun. But as he took off, he asked his writer friend AE Hotchner for help. Almost three decades later, Newman's Own has grown into a food empire with a wide variety of offerings. According to the company, all profits are donated to charity

paul newman style

He also created Hole in the Wall Gang Camps, after Butch Cassidy's outlaw gang and where most of Newman's Own profits went. These camps were designed to provide free recreation for children with serious and debilitating illnesses, and Newman continued to be actively involved in the cause throughout his life. Newman also found happiness in driving a car. He was also an incredibly successful race car driver, even competing in Daytona as a 70th birthday present for himself.

Paul Newman's style

Paul Newman is the perfect example of classic yet preppy style. More of a low-key macho man, Paul Newman's style wasn't about flash, but about combining wardrobe basics into sleek outfits that looked put together without being overdone. Penny loafers, buttons and, of course, a well-fitting suit were hallmarks of her style, but there is so much more.

paul newman style

Classic outfits

Paul Newman's outfits were all about timelessness. Dressed well, he liked to pair two-button single-breasted jackets with high-waisted pants to give him length and height. For a casual outfit, pairing a button down shirt with leather accents like a belt and neutral jeans was a must. For an added touch, rolling up the sleeves added a little more casualness to the look without looking sloppy.

paul newman style

The power of a jacket

Another great thing about Paul Newman's style was to use the transformative power of a jacket. Leather and corduroy were often his choices, both offering a very distinct look but equally cool options. Corduroy can be notoriously hard to pull off, but finding the right fit can really help put together an outfit and add an eclectic touch that can be truly transformative.

A watch, always

Paul Newman has never gone without a watch, and neither have you. It's an incredibly stylish accessory that's also functional - a win-win. To get the Newman “feel”, go for a more vintage style with chocolate brown or black leather straps and smaller dials. Or of course you can also go for another classic brand from Newman - the Rolex Daytona (but good luck finding one!). He was a renowned collector, and his watches were credited with higher sales of vintage Rolexes - including the "Paul Newman Daytona" record.

paul newman style

Nautical themes

If you are short on casual outfit choices, a nautical touch is always a good idea. Newman preferred the optional long-sleeved striped shirts. It works for spring and summer depending on fabric choices and paired with chinos or neutral jeans, it's dressy but still sharp.

paul newman style

Soft colors

Another hallmark of Newman's style was his preference for soft colors. Rather than going for loud and flashy palettes, he went for understated color combinations, but sometimes with an extra touch - like leather or a dark colored jacket for that extra touch. But dumb doesn't mean boring. Chambray denim buttons, subtle stripes, and accessories like boots and wristwatches can add color without being overwhelming.

paul newman style

Iconic status

Newman's enduring legacy is not only in his acting, but also in the many hats he wore throughout his life. His dedication to charitable work and the pursuit of passions like driving racing cars show that people can't be boxed in - they contain a multitude. His passion and intellect are what motivated him, and he used his fame and fortune to try to make real change through efforts like Newman's Own and his charity. His style, appearance and charisma have helped build this legacy. Paul Newman remains an integral part of Hollywood history for all of this and more.

What are your favorite parts of Paul Newman's style? Chime below!


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