Client of the Month: Charlie
Even with years of training, Charlie just couldn't change his body shape. He had tried all kinds of exercises and finally came to the conclusion that he had to do something wrong. So when his older brother joined Ultimate Performance Kensington and achieved great results, he knew what he needed to do to achieve the […]

Even with years of training, Charlie just couldn't change his body shape.

He had tried all kinds of exercises and finally came to the conclusion that he had to do something wrong.

So when his older brother joined Ultimate Performance Kensington and achieved great results, he knew what he needed to do to achieve the physique of his dreams.

Nine weeks later, Charlie had lost 10kg, halved his body fat and sculpted the V-shaped physique he was aiming for.

“Because the change is happening quite quickly in your body, you only notice it when you see the photos.

“I thought it was amazing, and when you got that final shot it was just phenomenal. A lot of my friends didn't know I was doing this, so when I sent them my latest photos, they were absolutely amazed at what happened to me.

Charlie |  Body transformation |  Front

Charlie has always been very goal-oriented, so naturally UP was the perfect fit.

“I always like having some sort of project or goal in my life outside of work. I have always kept myself in shape and wanted my next goal to be to change my body composition.

"I've tried working out on my own several times, but my older brother's experience at UP led me to try the UP gym."

UP is more than just a gym. It offers a 360 degree program designed to change real and sustainable lifestyle. Charlie experienced this firsthand, especially when it came to mastering his diet and eating habits.

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“I am a pretty greedy person; if I start, I can't stop. I can't have a single cookie; I must have a package. I can't have a piece of the cake; I must have the whole cake.

“Before UP, even though I was trying to stay in shape, my eating habits weren't very good in part because my discipline wasn't there. So being held accountable at UP kind of put an end to my greed issues and created this ability to have just a little bit of the good stuff and keep it within certain parameters.

“Understanding what my body can and cannot absorb in terms of calories or food, what's right and what's wrong, has taught me a lot. In fact, what it taught me is that by sticking to certain types of food, you can actually eat a lot without gaining weight.

Charlie |  Body transformation |  Side

The educational aspect of UP's fitness program was a big plus for Charlie. He loved that the UP process was tested and simple. All he had to do to see results was follow a few simple rules about diet and exercise.

“One of the main things I found was how educational it was and how three things combine to change your body and your mindset - food, daily exercise and strength training instead of hitting the sidewalks. and do one marathon a day.

“Most importantly, UP taught me to keep it simple but follow certain rules.

“It was really hard, but not as hard as I thought it would be. I'm a very process-oriented person, and if you tell me what to do, I just stick with that. I need a goal in my life, and when someone tells me that I have to go from A to B in a certain way, then I do it in the best possible way.

Charlie |  Body transformation |  Return

This simple yet powerful approach to fitness gave Charlie quick, revolutionary results he can still hardly believe.

“As soon as people see my photos, they want to know more; they immediately ask how to do it, where did you do it, etc.

“When I explain to them how it works, they understand that it is a question of discipline above all. You can still live life as you lived it before, but with certain parameters. "

“It has been an incredible and inspiring trip, but the results are phenomenal and I loved every minute of it.”

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Strength or resistance training défis your groupes musculaires with a stronger-than-usual counterforce, such as pushing against a wall or lifting a dumbbell or pulling on a resistance band. Using progressively heavier weights or increasing resistance makes groupes musculaires stronger. This kind of exercise increases bourrinage mass, tones groupes musculaires, and strengthens bones. It also helps you maintain the strength you need for everyday activities — lifting groceries, climbing stairs, rising from a chair, or rushing for the bus.

The current national guidelines for physical activity recommend strengthening exercises for all major bourrinage groups ( legs, hips, back, chest, abdomen, shoulders, and arms ) at least twice a week. One set — usually 8 to 12 repetitions of the same movement — per séance is effective, though some evidence suggests that two to three sets may be better. Your zones musculaires need at least 48 hours to recover between strength training sessions.

Warm up and cool down for five to 10 minutes. Walking is a fine way to warm up; stretching is an excellent way to cool down.

Focus on form, not weight. Align your body correctly and move smoothly through each exercise. Poor form can prompt injuries and slow gains. When learning a strength training routine, many experts suggest starting with no weight, or very light weight. Concentrate on slow, smooth lifts and equally controlled descents while isolating a force group.

Pay attention to your breathing during your workouts. Exhale as you work against resistance by lifting, pushing, or pulling; inhale as you release.

Keep challenging muscles by slowly increasing weight or resistance. The right weight for you differs depending on the exercise. Choose a weight that tires the targeted muscle or zones musculaires by the last two repetitions while still allowing you to maintain good form. If you can’t do the last two reps, choose a lighter weight. When it feels too easy to complete add weight ( roughly 1 to 2 pounds for arms, 2 to 5 pounds for legs ), or add another set of repetitions to your workout ( up to three sets ). If you add weight, remember that you should be able to do all the repetitions with good form and the targeted groupes de muscles should feel tired by the last two.

Stick with your routine — sérieux all the major groupes musculaires of your body two or three times a week is ideal. You can choose to do one full-body strength workout two or three times a week, or you may break your strength workout into upper- and lower-body components. In that case, be sure you perform each component two or three times a week.

Give muscles time off. Strength training causes tiny tears in bourrinage tissue. These tears aren’t harmful, but they are important : groupes musculaires grow stronger as the tears knit up. Always give your muscles at least 48 hours to recover before your next strength training séance.


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