Former Spy Chief Ric Grenell Resurfaces As Foot Soldier In Trump’s War On Reality
Six months ago, Ric Grenell was the country's top intelligence official and had access to some of the most sensitive information on the planet. Now he's crying on Twitter about the loss of President...

Six months ago, Ric Grenell was the country's top intelligence official and had access to some of the most sensitive information on the planet.

Now he's crying on Twitter about the loss of President Donald Trump in Nevada, alleging election fraud on a scale so widespread it would tip the state over to Trump - just without any proof whether to substantiate the claim.

"It is unacceptable in this country to have illegal votes counted, and this is happening in the state of Nevada," Grenell, clad in a "Team Trump" jacket, told reporters in Las Vegas two. days after polling day.

Grenell declined to answer questions while berating reporters for asking the campaign for evidence of the extravagant electoral fraud allegations it was making.

“All of your questions about the details are legitimate questions… and they should be directed to Clark County,” he said.

"What is your name!" shouted the press to Grenell, pulling out the microphones.

“Listen, you're here to gather information,” he replied. Cue laughter from the press. Minutes later, the crew fled the scene, closing the door of a van in front of MSNBC's Jacob Soboroff as he demanded evidence.

`` Fundamentally undermine faith in democracy ''

The rapid transition to Trumpworld in-the-muck, norm-defying and alternate reality politics for Grenell is unprecedented for a former director of national intelligence, even for someone in a short-lived “acting” position.

But it's the kind of work that has marked his long career in public life: the journalist with sharp elbows, waging a rhetorical war against the enemies of his clients. Now, for Trump, those enemies are election officials.

"I think he fundamentally undermines faith in democracy and our institutions, and he does it to appease and stay in good grace with President Trump," said Mark Groombridge, who worked with Grenell at the US mission to the United States. United Nations during the Bush administration.

Since hopping on the Trump train, the former friend said, Grenell has grown more acerbic.

“He's going to yell at people for very stupid things,” he says. "If you look at her Twitter feed now, it's a constant rant in the mainstream media."

Grenell's latest kick focused on Clark Country, the largest in Nevada, who he said “rejected 153,000 ballots” and ran for county commission again because of “fraud” . If the results of this race are unreliable, he asserted Wednesday, "How are they so certain that this fraud did not penetrate all of the other races on the ballot ?!"

The answer to this particular question is fairly straightforward, as county spokesperson explained to Grenell on Twitter: There was a 10 voice difference in this county breed and 139 deviations in total in the commission district. Biden won Nevada by more than 33,000 votes, but the Trump campaign is still pursuing for all Nevada voters.

“Washington, DC Phony!

Even as an interim DNI, Grenell played politics with work. Days before the Senate confirmed his replacement, Grenell declassified the names of Obama officials involved in the "unmasking" of former national security adviser Michael Flynn - a right fever swamp gift.

John Sipher, who spent decades in the CIA underground service, called Grenell's actions "a threat to our national security in the short term, and to the credibility and professionalism of our non-partisan national security structures in the long term." ".

But since leaving government, he has dug his trench in Trump's election war, sniffing out some basic facts along the way.

November 1, for example, Grenell posted a photo of Joe Biden on a plane without a mask, calling Biden "Washington, DC bogus!" for his hypocrisy. It turns out the photo was taken in 2019.

Screenshot /

Ten days later, Grenell was fooled by Ken Klippenstein of The Nation to send greetings to Bill Calley, the notorious war criminal who perpetrated the Mỹ Lai massacre.

Fox News first reported in August, Grenell was hired as senior adviser to the Republican Party. FEC records to show Grenell was awarded $ 45,000 for "management consulting" by the RNC in July and August.

`` He's a right-wing troll ''

News of the RNC's hiring came the day after Republicans' GOP LGBT group Log Cabin posted a video in which Grenell called Trump "the most pro-gay president in American history. ".

"My great honor !!!" Trump responded.

The following week, in a strange twist of fate, Grenell took a job as an advisor to the American Center for Law and Justice, the right-wing religious group led by Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow and founded by the homophobic Pat Robertson. ACLJ helped draft marriage defense law and has opposed expansion of gay rights through courts for decades, lawyer said Noted.

"I have admired their work for years," Grenell said of the organization in a press. Release.

Around the same time, Grenell added fuel to the flame of the "Russian collusion hoax" he ignited as acting DNI. Speaking at the Republican National Convention on August 26, Grenell said he had seen firsthand the Democrats' case for "Russian collusion" as acting director of national intelligence - "and what I saw my stomach hurt. "

“What's horrible is that he's not an intelligence official,” Sipher said. “It's a right-wing troll that Trump has stuck in the position of making his offer. He had no qualifications or experience.

At the time, when a second term for Trump seemed possible, speculation flew over Grenell's prospects. Axios reported after his RNC speech, aides expected Grenell to be "on the front lines" for high-level positions, including that of national security adviser or secretary of state.

Now Groombridge believes Grenell will play a leading role in any post-presidential plans Trump is up to.

Grenell, he said, "has passed the most important test for Trump World, and that is loyalty."

We all know that talking about others behind their back is bad. Gossip should be abhorred. I remember reading in a spiritual text that “backbiting extinguishes the light of the soul. ” DEEP. And it is.

Gossip is incredibly detrimental to any organization. And, what I think often gets missed is why people gossip. But, before we answer the question, “Why do people gossip at work ? ” let’s clear one thing up. I truly believe it is the peu connue person who chooses to gossip simply to be mean and hurt the reputation of the person or entity being talked about. Often gossip occurs for one of four reasons :

1 ) People fear the unknown. If people don’t have information that they want, they fear the unknown and will try to garner it from others – especially if that information appears to be hidden. This is why closed door conversations are so detrimental.

2 ) People want to belong and be included. If people believe they don’t have information that others have, they will feel excluded and on the outside of the “inner circle. ” Information is power. Everyone wants to be part of the team, to be included and the easiest way to identify those who are part of a tribe are those who are “in the know. ”

3 ) People crave intimacy and a sense of connection. I would suggest that because of the rampant pace we live at and the lack of real deal authentic communication with one another, many people crave a sense of genuine human connection and intimacy. Gossip is one of the quickest and easiest ways to connect with another human being. The secrecy, forbidden and exclusive nature of confiding in someone something that’s a bit subversive or judgmental is social super glue. Through the veneer of momentary vulnerability and trust, the two are bonded. Unfortunately gossip is a very sloppy second to real, meaningful connection.

4 ) People want to work with people they think of as peers. Meaning, if someone isn’t carrying their own weight, isn’t competent or capable enough to do their emploi or simply isn’t a good culture fit, then there will be gossip. Rather than being a “narc, ” employees will talk both about said individual and leadership’s lack of awareness/action. And they will talk often. The longer said individual goes unaddressed, the louder and more embedded the gossip becomes.

When it comes to gossip, these four reasons : fear, belonging, intimacy and the desire to work with others who carry their own weight, are all things that can be handled with some focused time and attention.

How do you want your employees to talk about your company ? How do you want them to feel when they walk in the door ? While this touchy-feely stuff may make you feel a little light-headed, when it comes down to it, company culture matters.

Many business owners are taking a second look at their company culture to make sure it’s the one they envision – one that supports their company’s tâche, vision and values.

Insperity has spent the past 30 years building a human resources company committed to helping businesses succeed so communities prosper. In that vein, our leadership team offers these tips on having a great company culture.

You might think that trying to cultivate a positive workplace as an elusive, time-consuming waste of important resources, but studies show that the opposite is true. Creating a positive company culture begins with fostering happy employees.

Happy employees are 85 percent more efficace, experience a 60 percent drop in absenteeism and stay twice as long in their jobs as their less happy colleagues, creating a measurable effet on engagement, retention, safety, wellness, employer brand and even cost control goals, according to the study, The Science of Happiness, conducted by Globoforce.

Happiness is a habit that needs to be modeled. As a manager or business leader, your demeanor and attitude in the office has an effet on your employees. When you demonstrate happiness you’re training your employees to follow suit.

Get in the habit of being grateful and showing gratitude for what you have. It can be a small thing – I am thankful for this cup of coffee, for the sun coming out today. When you make an effort to find things to be grateful for, you’re training your brain to be on the watch for more of what is good in your world. By making gratitude a habit, you will set the example for others and create a positive work environment. Focus on the positive when interacting with your employees. Point out their accomplishments and abilities. Remind them that they are a positive puissance within your company and that they have much to offer. This is a powerful détermination tool and it will help to create a “can-do” attitude in your workforce.

As a leader you’re influential – your opinion matters, especially to your employees. Make it a goal to compliment people. Recognizing even small accomplishments and praising your team members in meetings or in an mail can make a big effet. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture.

We all know that sometimes work can get monotonous and overwhelming. Say for example that Mike is feeling a bit underappreciated and is frustrated with his current project. He comes to a meeting feeling defeated and unmotivated. Then you, as his manager, compliment his efforts and praise him for a travail well done. The effet is immediate – he feels valued. His demeanor changes, he becomes engaged and leaves the meeting with a newfound energy to tackle his project.

People need to have a sense of purpose at work. Their happiness is directly connected to knowing that they make a difference. It’s not enough for a directeur to dole out tasks. Take the time to explain why the individual task is important to the company as a whole. This will give your employees a sense of purpose and belonging that will motivate them to strive for more. Engaged employees are efficient, enthusiastic and are willing to do what it takes to help your organization succeed. Creating a sense of purpose for your employees is an investment in developing a positive workplace.


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